What Do Chinese Think of Czechs? This Map Reveals China’s Stereotypes of Europe
via Foreign Policy

What Do Chinese Think of Czechs? This Map Reveals China’s Stereotypes of Europe

Why doesn’t Spain annex Portugal?

Why are there so many black people in France?

And why is Italy so weak?

These are just some of the unusual stereotypes about European countries that have become popular search queries on Baidu, China’s largest search engine, according to an map that has recently been making the rounds, again, online.

Foreign Policy’s Tea Leaf Nation put together the revealing map that showcases the most common Chinese stereotypes about countries across Europe, based on Baidu searches in the format of “why is/does [country]…”

Some of the results were revealing – – in China, Germany is apparently best known for killing Jews, and Denmark for killing whales. Greece is broke, and Italy weak.

Other stereotypes were more positive: the United Kingdom is seen as “small yet strong” according to Baidu searchers, while the Finnish are best known for speaking good English. And Ukraine is full of beautiful women.

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Some of the results were strange, to say the least. Bulgaria is best known for “milk-induced longevity”, and Norway is, apparently, not cold. We beg to disagree.

And why does Poland hate China?

Given some of the more.. touchy searches for some of the other countries on the map, the most common question about the Czech Republic is somewhat depressing. Especially for sports fans.

“Why isn’t the Czech Republic in the World Cup?” was the most common Baidu question related to Czechia.

Check out the full map below, and read the full methodology behind the results at Foreign Policy:

via Foreign Policy

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