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11 fun YouTube channels for learning or practicing Czech

For anyone who's got a little extra time on their hands these days, these channels will help you brush up your Czech!
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Gavin is a self-proclaimed “polyglot,” an American from Fort Collins, CO, USA who taught himself Czech, the third foreign language in which he has achieved fluency. “From my mother’s side I have Czech blood, so I wanted to get closer to this side of my past,” he said in an interview for While you may not pick up the best accent learning with Gav, his process for learning Czech, or any language, is worth checking out.

Because Czech is Cool!

A short but sweet playlist of videos ranging from explanations of the Czech cases to troubleshooting beginner Czech mistakes is delivered by enthusiastic Czech teacher Eliška who says “In my opinion, the most efficient way to learn a foreign language is to use it as much as you can and above all to learn it with joy.”

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Learn Czech with a Praguer

Originally an English teacher, Vít Benešovský eventually decided to switch to giving lessons in his native tongue and began teaching Czech at the Czech Centre for the Integration of Foreigners. As he recently told Radio Prague, he began building up an impressive online community of Czech learners who enjoyed his entertaining expalnations of Czech words via his Instagram account. Benešovský’s videos are divided into teaching Czech for English and Russian speakers.

Learn Czech with Czech Class 101

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Live Czech classes and hundreds of free videos are available at this popular YouTube channel offering listening comprehension and reading practice for a range of skill levels from absolute beginner to advanced learners. Fun segments such at “Learn Czech in 3 minutes” offer basic Czech and daily phrases with teaching explanations in English.

Honest Guide

Janek Rubeš and Honza Mikulka, collectively known as the Honest Guide, have made a name for themselves exposing scams in the exchange offices and taxi cabs of Prague. They also offer heaps of helpful advice about visiting the Czech capital and from time to time, the occasional tutorial on the Czech language delivered with the typical Honest Guide humor. A great start for visitors to Prague or anyone who wants to brush up on their pub Czech!


A California native who has lived in Prague for 8 years, Jen is an English instructor and the founder of VuLingo, an online course platform for English teachers. She also maintains the blog Jen’s videos are a mix of her own insights onto Czech vs American culture, sometimes in Czech sometimes in English but always in an engaging style that’ll make you want to speak right along with her.

The Czech Insider

This channel offers a wealth of content for anyone intersted in Czech culture and history as well as learning the Czech language. Hosted by Nick, a Brit with a passion for the Czech lands, the channel mingles language-learning sessions with episodes largely focused on historic battles and travel to the Czech lands.


LingoJump’s Learn Czech! channel is a bare bones audio guide to Czech vocabulary with words running across a Czech flag (parts of speech and gender are also shown) and spoken first in English then slowly enunciated Czech. The channel is broken into several parts that encompass a total of 480 phrases.

Jana Kotysan

This LA-based American YouTuber with Czech heritage has made it her mission to reconnect with the Czech Republic by learning its pop songs. If you want to practice your Czech or even just take a deep dive into the world of Czech singer-songwriters like Pokáč, Mikolas Josef, and Jaromír Nohavica, all of whom Kotysan loves, you could do a lot worse than singing along with Jana (who frequently accepts requests from her growing base of Czech fans).

Learn Czech

Another highly practical channel for learning the Czech basics presented by Learn Czech Online. Not only will Czech learners benefit from a range of subjects and visual-learning presentations, curated playlists devoted to Czech children’s cartoons and singers help give cultural context to language learning.

Czech a Anglický with Rich

This channel is comprised of a 3- to 7-minute videos that focus on practical phrases and gradually build up to go beyond the basics. While Rich hasn’t updated this channel in awhile, the core videos are enough to get you started and supplement any Czech language-learning course.

Which channels do you find helpful for learning Czech?

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