Czech Teachers Have the Worst Salaries In the World

The OECD has revealed the 10 countries with the highest wages for teachers as well as those with the lowest
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State Teachers Salaries in the Czech Republic

New data released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ranks the salaries of state teachers in nations throughout the world—and according to its latest stats, the Czech Republic did not fare well.

Revealing the “best” and “worst” countries for teacher compensation last year, the OECD indicated that the world’s top paying country is also one of its wealthiest: Luxembourg.

There veteran educators can pull down $137,000 in U.S. dollars annually while new teachers start at $79,000—more than teachers in many other countries, including the Czech Republic, will earn annually throughout their careers.

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Infographic via Business Insider

Infographic via Business Insider

The Czech Republic, which came in last among the 10 worst-paid countries in the world, pays its top elementary and high school teachers only $20K per year (that’s about 467,500 CZK) less than Hungary and Poland ($25-$27K), Turkey ($32K), Greece ($35K), and Chile ($36-38K).

Data from the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) confirms this ranking with its breakdown of gross monthly earnings across a spectrum of teaching positions reflecting an average of 25,000 CZK to 35,000 CZK, numbers that actually work out to be a bit lower than the OECD findings.

The OECD cites several additional trends in Czech education in its general country report: Czech teachers spend on average less time teaching than teachers in other EU countries at a secondary level and tend to be older than the average age.

Both the OECD and CZSO research sees a gender gap persists in wages between male and female teachers.

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