Czech Teachers to Get a Massive Pay Increase this Autumn

Czech teachers, among the worst paid in the world, could soon see a sizable hike in salary

UPDATE 2018: The following table shows what you can earn as an Expat language teacher in Prague:

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Freelance Teachers and Private school Teachers

RoleMin EURMax EUR
Freelance Language Teacher 8 (per hour) 20 (per hour - business level)
Private School Teacher7501200

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 Good news for Czech state teachers.

A Monday meeting of government officials and trade union reps has led to some good news for Czech state teachers.

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka announced that Czech teachers’ salaries should be given a sizeable boost, considerably more than those of other positions in the public sector.

According to recent data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Czech teachers are among the worst paid in the world.

The Czech Republic, which came in last among the 10 worst-paid countries in the world, pays its top elementary and high school teachers only $20K per year (that’s about 467,500 CZK) less than Hungary and Poland ($25-$27K), Turkey ($32K), Greece ($35K), and Chile ($36-38K).

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Infographic: Business Insider

Infographic: Business Insider

While leaders did not agree on a specific amount for the proposed wage increase, trade unions are demanding a 15-percent pay raise for teachers as of November.

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Another meeting will be held in September.

Minister Sobotka says the impact on the budget, specifically its expenditures, will play a crucial part in the discussions.

Pět procent is a newly registered Czech political party with a primary focus on education reform, founded by Krystof Kozak.

Earlier today Kozak said of the news:

“The raise is nice, but it will not solve the problem of an outdated approach towards education in general.”


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