Czechs Increasingly Prefer Native-Speaking Teachers When Learning Languages

More and more Czechs say they prefer a native for learning languages; problem is, those teachers are less interested in working in the Czech Republic
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Shortage in Prague of native English and German Teachers!

A recent article from news server iDnes reports that Czech language schools are facing a shortage of native-speaking English and German teachers.

One of them, Channel Crossings language agency, told the publication that it employs 180 lecturers, approximately fifty of which are native speakers.

Chairman of the Association of Language Schools and director of Channel Crossings Vítězslav Bican said that in his experience Czech students strongly prefer to study with native speakers:

“Although Czechs often have years of experience and study at an education faculty behind them, and native speakers are often not comparable with Czech teachers in terms of pedagogical training, [it is perceived] that native speakers know the language enough.”

The Pros of a Native-Speaking English Teacher In the Classroom

Bican continued to say that Czech learners see native speakers as dominating in the areas of grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary while Czech teachers have simply learned these aspects of the language.

Several other language schools interviewed by the publication agreed that native teachers of these particular languages are disappearing from the Czech Republic.

David Dvorský, director of Glossa School of Languages in Prague noted that:

“Brexit will certainly be a risk factor, where the market will see the disappearance of a large portion of native English speakers who currently have the automatic right to work within the European Union.”

Native Speakers Less Attracted to Teaching In Czechia

Additional factors given for the deficit of native speakers employed at Czech language schools were lack of money and career prospects.

“It is, therefore, necessary to increase the salaries of teachers to give them the motivation to stay, but doing so will [mean an increase in] the cost of education for clients,” Bican told iDnes.

The article cites the increasing demand for native teachers of English and German and also notes the rise in popularity of Russian and Asian languages among Czechs; romance languages have seen a decline.

On the flipside, Bican has noticed a renewed interest among foreigners in learning Czech.

Experts: Both Groups Can Benefit Students

Experts say that both groups of teachers bring benefits to the experience of learning a language.

Native speakers grasp the subtleties (irony, satire) of a language, can use colloquialisms naturally and have good pronunciation while non-native speakers can better relate to their students’ cultural background and understand the differences between the languages.

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