Karlín square

Workshops will be prepared in cooperation with the House of Children and Youth of the Capital City of Prague. Prague, a balloon magician, a bouncy castle, a children’s theater and the music band Elias and The Shepherds.

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“Vendors will prepare children’s specialties for the little ones, such as ice cream, hot dogs, french fries, cotton candy, macaroons, churros, fresh fruit juices, and even baby cappuccino or soft cider. We will also sell the popular Kunratice strawberries,” say the organizers.

TIP: Visit the website for the municipality you live in, many of them host popular children’s day celebrations.

Dobeška theater

A fairytale cabaret show will take place at Dobeška theater. The performance promises a colorful cabaret full of original songs and spells followed by which participants are invited for an outdoor program on the playground and in the forest park.

Natural science station Smíchov

Crocodiles, terrariums, and other wonders await at this oasis near Anděl metro which will host the event in the outdoor area of its complex. Enjoy a carefully maintained Alpine garden and a additional greencery comprising a botanical garden.

Studio Alta

This multicultural center has prepared several programs that include making and taking home the coat of arms of your family which you will create and press on an ancient machine. An interactive theatrical performance about the universe, and “fairy tales from all over the world” are also on the line-up.

Children’s days

Children’s day on Karlin Square

  • May 30 from 9:00 to 15:00
  • Karlínské náměstí 316/7, Praha – Karlín
  • Free admission
  • More information here

Children’s day at Stanice přírodovědců (Smíchov)

  • May 30 from 10:00 to 16:00
  • Drtinova 1a, Praha -Smíchov
  • Free admission
  • More information here

Children’s day at Dobeška

Children’s day at Alta

  • May 31 from 3:00 p.m.
  • Studio ALTA
  • Sokolovská 24/136, Prague
  • Admission to various programs from 20 CZK
  • The capacity of all events is significantly limited for hygienic reasons, so we recommend purchasing tickets in advance
  • More information here

For additional tips check out our dedicated events section for families.

Where and how will you celebrate Children’s Day?

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