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Students who stayed home after Czech schools re-opened can pick up report cards, attend parties

Homeschooled kids can visit schools for report card pick up this week
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While many children returned to the classroom from May 25, attendance was not mandatory, with the government allowing parents to homeschool students through the end of the 2019/2020 school year.

However, all pupils will be able to return to school to pick up report cards and enjoy end-of-the-year festivities due to a new amendment of the emergency measures by government officials.

Minister of Education Robert Plaga (ANO) agreed to the amendment under the advisement of epidemiologists, according to the Ministry of Education spokesperson Aneta Lednová. The measures will apply from June 22 and will cover out-of-school events.

“Given the favorable epidemiological situation, we want to allow schools to take part in events that are tied to the end of the school year, for example, handing over certificates, saying goodbye to final years or taking photos, almost as in a normal school year,” said Plaga.

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According to his spokesman, the adjustment will concern primary, secondary, and higher vocational schools as well as special and basic art schools.

Schools can organize non-educational events between June 22 and June 30 without restriction without needing to follow the current restriction on groups of over fifteen pupils. Classes will not be banned from interacting either.

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However, it will still be necessary for parents to submit a “solemn declaration” of their child’s health status.

According to Ledová, special measures for schools will end in June. From the beginning of the summer holidays, schools will be able to operate clubs under normal conditions with a recommendation for increased hygiene and cleaning, while leisure organizations can operate as normal.

Many schools will end the academic year before Tuesday, June 30.

The government ordered the closure of schools due to the coronavirus infection on March 11. In recent weeks, they have gradually reopened to a limited extent.

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