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The Czech National Library has made its 206,000-title archive available online for free

The National Library has just announced that it'll release its collection, representing some 59 million pages, for student use during the quarantine
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According to an announcement on the National Library’s website, students and teachers, colleges and universities will get a helping hand in continuing their studies during the nationwide coronavirus quarantine.

Temporary online access to the collections of the National Library and public higher-education institutions has been granted to the public on Tuesday, March 17. General Director of the National Library, Martin Kocanda and Jiří Srstka, the Director of the Collective Copyright Association (DILIA), reached the decision on Monday morning.

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More than 206,000 titles of monographs and periodicals will be made available online, representing over 59 million pages.

206.000 TITULŮ KNIH, NOVIN A ČASOPISŮ ONLINE»Studenti a pedagogové veřejných i skoukromých vysokých škol mohou od…

Zveřejnil(a) Kramerius – Digitální knihovna NK ČR dne Pondělí 16. března 2020

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The agreement will allow students and educators of public universities to access the digitized collections of the National Library and public universities via the digital library platform Kramerius 5.

“It will also apply to works that are now protected by copyright law,” says Martin Kocanda, adding “I would like to thank DILIA for helping hundreds of students who have asked us to open books.”

He says that during the state of emergency college students will be able to open and read the books online, though printing or downloading won’t be enabled in an effort to protect against the illegal distribution of publications.

Titles in the National Library’s archive are available in numerous languages including English (over 1,000 titles), Russian, and French as well as Czech and Slovak.


Tip: Visit Education for more education resources, tips and advice for Prague & the Czech Republic!

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