The number of foreign students enrolled at Czech universities has tripled

Newly released data suggests that there are more foreign students than ever before studying in the Czech Republic
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More and more foreigners are heading to the Czech Republic to get an education, according to new data from the Ministry of Interior.

In fact, in fifteen years the number of foreigners attending Czech academic institutions has increased three-fold with foreigners making up 15 percent of all students at university in the Czech Republic, in some cases up to a quarter of the student body. 

According to ministry data, the number of foreign students enrolled in all types of Czech schools has been on the rise for quite some time — roughly 33,000 foreign pupils studied in the Czech Republic in total in 2003; last year that number rose to over 85,000.

Analysts say the rise in foreign students is related to the development of cross-border cooperation between individual universities, the Erasmus program and, in general, the greater mobility of young people within the European Union.

Foreign students are most often looking to complete Master’s programs and full-time doctoral programs. Approximately one in four students are foreigners in medical or pharmaceutical fields of public universities in the Czech Republic. The least amount of foreigners study pedagogy, teaching, social work, and law.

The University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, had the largest proportion of foreign students in 2017, with foreigners making up a quarter of enrolled students. The share of foreigners at the University of Economics in Prague and Masaryk University in Brno is only slightly smaller

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Tip: Visit Education for more education resources, tips and advice for Prague & the Czech Republic!

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