20 Boozy Autumn Festivals

20 Boozy Autumn Festivals

Autumn may mean the end of summer holidays, a likely dip in temperatures and a return to the routine of work and school, but we’ve still got plenty for you to look forward to. This fall is packed with festivals for wine, beer and whiskey fans throughout the Czech Republic. So cheer up, throw on a sweater and start booking tickets to sample your favorite boozy beverage.

Food Parade – September 6-7, 2014
Don’t let the name fool you, there is plenty of booze to be had here. Tickets (Online 300 CZK/ 250 CZK Students & Seniors) include admission plus twenty food and drink tickets to sample from any table. Options include red and white port wines, unfiltered and unpasteurized Czech cider, Cuban rum cocktails, sparkling Italian prosecco and Portugese wine. More than twenty restaurants plus coffee and sparkling water will also be on hand to make sure your stomach can handle it all. 

20 Boozy Autumn Festivals

Festival of Mediterranean Tastes and Smells – September 11-14, 2014
This Mediterranean festival of “tastes and smells” will fill Náměstí Republiky with markets, music and mouth-watering options this fall. Portugese, Greek and French wines will vie for your attention amidst multicultural concerts and ethnic delicacies including Greek olives, Spanish tapas and French escargot. Treat your taste buds to a belated autumn holiday by the sea.

Delifest – Champagne, Oysters & Chanson – September 12-14, 2014
France comes to Prague 2’s Grébovka park in for this Delifest cultural celebration. Admission is free and guests can choose from French wine, champagne and spirits arranged by region in this newly remodeled venue. 

Roudnické Vinobraní  September 12-13, 2014
Despite popular opinion, Moravia isn’t the only region in the grape game. Roudnice nad Labem’s wine festival in north Bohemia is backed by three stages of music and barrels of both Bohemian and Moravian wines. Tickets range from 100-150 CZK depending on the day with discounts for children and seniors.

20 Boozy Autumn Festivals

Day of Beer and Wine  September 13, 2014
A “day of beer and wine” in Ostrá – Lysá nad Labem’s Botanicus includes far more than just beverages. Acrobats, unicyclists and other circus performers will provide performances along with tightrope or juggling lessons to brave participants. The gardens will be dotted with traditional crafts and locally sourced herbs add spice to the foods on offer.

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Wine Festival and Day of Open Monuments  September 13-14, 2014
The Moravian town of Uherske Hradiste pairs its wine festival with food, folk dancing and an open door policy to explore the local monuments. Traditional costumes and crafts ensure that the mood on the streets will be equally interesting.

Troja Vinobraní – September 13, 2014
Troja Chateau may be the lesser-known palace in town, but the northern Prague neighborhood is highly regarded for its vineyard. This event offers tastings and seminars on vintage and young wines from multiple wine makers. The courtyards of this Baroque landmark will hold court with puppet theater, dancing, folk music, a male chorus and other traditional entertainment.

Haná Hops Harvest Festival – September 13, 2014
The roots of a perfect pivo start long before the brewing process begins. Join Oloumoc in celebrating the harvest of hops with multiple microbreweries showing off the spoils of these essential crops. In addition to a well-poured beer, you’ll find crafts, souvenirs and fireworks, plus your vote will go towards the crowning of the festival’s finest brewery.

20 Boozy Autumn Festivals

Prague Castle Wine Festival – September 20-21, 2014
As if the Prague Castle weren’t pretty enough, adding a side of wine to delectable views and fragrant courtyards makes this a tough ticket to pass up…and did we mention admission is FREE? Strolling from traditional wine tasting in the ballroom to opening weekend of the garden blooming with orchids, flamingo flowers and gerber daisies backed by a folk music.

Slunce ve Skle – September 20, 2014
The “Sun in a Glass” festival at Pilsen’s Beer Spa and Wellness Hotel Purkmister goes beyond just drinking. It celebrates all things beer, including collections of beer mats, bottle openers, promotional materials, and more. Over sixty breweries were on site in 2013 along with music and dance performances and drinking competitions. Be warned, however, that there are “beer police” roaming the grounds who might slap a sticker with your blood alcohol level on your forehead if your behavior gets out of hand.

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20 Boozy Autumn Festivals

Whisky Live Prague – September 26-27, 2014
From whiskey newbies to connoisseurs of the brown liquor, this festival held in Prague’s New Town Hall is focused on education and open to anyone and everyone. Tickets(450 CZK Fri evening, 390 CZK Sat afternoon or evening) include a tasting glass, festival brochure and notes on how to appreciate the flavors, while the price of each sample ranges from complimentary to around 30 CZK. A full schedule of master classes is also available. Win tickets to Whisky Live! Prague here.

20 Boozy Autumn Festivals

St. Wenceslas Vintage Prague – September 27-29, 2014
St. Wenceslas lends his name to far more than just a central square. His vineyard in the shadow of the Prague Castle invites guests to observe the wine making process while sampling some of Bohemia and Moravia’s best grown up grape juices. You might even spot the patron saint himself floating around the audience or taking in the music, dance and entertainment offerings. 

Grebovka Vinobraní – September 26-27, 2014
While the whiskey drinkers are congregating in the town hall, wine fans can flock to Náměstí Míru on Friday or Havlíčkovy sady on Saturday free of charge. These events celebrate the history and culture of Prague 2 with theater, dancing and folk music plus young and vintage wines professionally paired with local delicacies.

20 Boozy Autumn Festivals

Karlštejn Vinobraní – September 27-28, 2014
Karlstejn’s castle grounds are filled with vintage touches during this two day wine festival. Take a ride on a steam train, rock out to medieval music, snap a selfie with a knight or just bask in the atmosphere of King Charles IV. Tickets (100 CZK per day, FREE for children under 15) also entitle guests to a discounted tour of the castle over the weekend.

Burčák Celebration – October 2-4, 2014
Hustopeče’s young wine celebration gives festival goers a reason to get into the traditional spirit – anyone in “historical costume” receives free entry! Once inside, entertainment options include a craft market, historic carousela fireworks show and wide variety of musicians.

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Valtice Vinobraní – October 3-5, 2014
Nothing brings out the beauty of a fine wine like elegant surroundings. Valticé’s castle, courtyard and surrounding areas provide the perfect backdrop to try local Moravian wines, enjoy an evening of music and have a chance to win a four-night stay in the neighboring Lednice spa. (Admission 100 CZK)

20 Boozy Autumn Festivals

Delifest – Whiskey, Burger and Rock – October 3-5, 2014
This foodie festival held Grébovka Park in Prague 2 mixes English and American cuisine with a beverage both cultures can agree on – whiskey. Stop by, enjoy free admission and compare to see if their samples are “brilliant”, “awesome” or just overall dobrý.

Pilsner Fest  October 4, 2014
Want to try the freshest draft of one of the oldest breweries around? Pilsen, the “birthplace of beer,” commemorates the anniversary of Pilsner Urquell’s first batch of golden lager with a festival every year. With more than 170 years of experience, your taste buds will be in good hands. Musical guests this year include David Koller, J.A.R. and one lucky fan-selected band.

20 Boozy Autumn Festivals

Vinobraní at Loket Castle – October 4-5, 2014
Autumn’s most western wine festival is nestled under the 800-year-old towers of the Loket castle, not far from Bohemia’s German border. Traditional folk music will accompany two days of Moravian and Bohemian wine tastings.

St. Martin’s Day in Český Krumlov – November 11-17, 2014
Celebrations around the country honor this saint (and his delicious young wine) with a dinner of goose and dumplings, but Český Krumlov goes a step further, making it a week-long event. Get your fill of feasts at a different local restaurant each night before the festival culminates with a wine tasting celebration on November 16th with both Bohemian and Moravian options. 

Where do you celebrate the wine harvest? 

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