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6 super scoops: Prague’s ice cream all-stars plus some guilt-free favorites

Las Saboritas choosing their favorite ice cream and coffee pairings plus some vegan and sugar-free options
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Nothing says “summer in Prague” (or winter for that matter, Czechs love their ice cream year-round) than strolling down the street, zmrzka in hand.

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While we all love a cool treat on a hot day, we’ve been hearing from Twitter followers who’d like to know about guilt-free versions of icy indulgences so vegan and sugar-free options have been noted when available.

PURO Gelato

PURO exudes a farm-fresh dairy vibe. With white walls, cottage shelving, and pastel accents, there is a pleasant country feel to this shop. Tip: Check their website before you get a craving. They periodically have 10% discount offers with QR code redemption. 

PURO has four locations: two in Prague 1, Prague 2, and Prague 10.  We like Na Příkopě location best for the hidden park-in-a-courtyard setting.  This lush garden has benches and interesting garden art to enjoy along with your cone. Starting June 5th of this year, the company launched a range of creamy vegan flavors such as vegan peanut gelato.  Sugar-free options are available, too.  Flavors to try: mango sorbet, coconut, hazelnut, piña colada (vegan), salted caramel.

Grom Gelato

Grom Gelato is a newcomer to the Prague ice cream scene and offers a bit of an elegant touch to your gelato experience. With prime real estate next to the Starbucks at the top of Václavské náměstí (Wenceslas Square) it’s the perfect spot to grab a cone while window shopping. Plus you can get pre-packed tubs in flavors like pistachio, chocolate, and raspberry sorbet to enjoy at home after the shopping is done. Next time you are at Václavák, maybe treat yourself to a scoop on a chocolate-dipped cone covered in nuts?

, 6 super scoops: Prague’s ice cream all-stars plus some guilt-free favorites, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic
Grom gelato via Instagram

Creme de la Creme

Creme de la Creme delivers on the old-timey soda fountain and creamery feel. Mirrors, brass, and crystal chandeliers galore give you that retro nostalgia of being a teenager on a date. Try a few flavors before making a commitment, and then settle into a booth to share some Italian gelato with your sweetheart. Or, if you’re snuggled up at home for movie night, order Creme de la Creme for delivery on Wolt food delivery app.

Creme de la Creme has 4 locations in Prague 1, 2, and 10. We prefer the Prague 1 location at Národní třída simply because it’s always ‘on the way’ to wherever we are going. Vegan options include pistachio and the very special salty peanut, which blows its dairy-based counterpart out of the water.  Other flavors to try:  lavender, walnut, coffee, Bailey’s.


We all know that kids love ice cream, but Parlor is also where grown-ups go to get a cold treat in the summertime. The interior decor is a hipster dream: hanging porch plants, mid-century brass lamps, retro-cool furniture, and just a touch of neon. Serving Creme de la Creme ice cream in a variety of flavors, the staff made sure to point out two kinds of vegan ice cream in the freezer during our visit. If you like crisp flavor, we recommend the lemon-mint sorbet. It’s a well-balanced blend of herbaceous fresh flavor and tart lemon ice. Try your ice cream between two cookies for a bespoke ice cream sandwich!

, 6 super scoops: Prague’s ice cream all-stars plus some guilt-free favorites, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic
Ice cream sandwich from Parlor / photo by LasSaboritas


With three locations in town (two in Prague 1, one in Prague 6) Angelato put gelato on the map in Prague. With its signature angel wings and open windows, an Angelato location is always a welcome sight in the summer. Angelato focuses on ripe fruit to create vitamin-packed, low-calorie sorbet such as coconut, mango margarita, and lemon. Though flavors change monthly, all sorbets are gluten-free and vegan. Beyond sorbet, vegans can try unique gelato flavors like cucumber mojito, date and ginger, and strawberry balsamic — all listed as dairy-free on Angelato’s allergens page.


Of all the ice cream shops in Prague, Amato may be the one that takes coffee the most seriously. Brewed strong per Italian tradition, they boast a  mix of 70% arabica and 30% robusta in their aromatic house espresso blend. Here is where we’d go for an affogato. Try a sundae with warm Bailey’s liquor and Bombardino for that late-night pick-me-up. Amato gelateria has two locations, in Prague 1 and Prague 7.  All of their flavors, whether milk-based or sorbets are gluten-free and sorbets and granitas are also vegan and lactose-free.  Ice cream cakes for parties too. There are tables outside the Holesovice location, which makes it perfect for people watching. Recommended flavors: hazelnut, cinnamon, honey and sesame, mango.

Let’s hear it, ice cream lovers! Did we miss your favorite summer treats in Prague? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us at @lassaboritas today.

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