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A Matcha Made In Heaven: Cheesy Tea Is Now Available in Prague

Try unique blends like a matcha tea with cream cheese and oreo crumble at the newest foodie haven in Prague’s Gourmet Passage Dlouhá
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Do you take your tea with sugar? Cream?

How about cheese?

You read that right: iced oolong or matcha tea topped with whipped cream cheese has taken China by storm in recent years, and now the unusual cheesy treat is spreading internationally, with cities like Bangkok getting in on the trend over the past few months.

Now, Prague is the latest city for cheese tea to set up shop, with the recent opening of Royaltea Praha in the Czech capital’s central foodie haven at the Gourmet Passage Dlouhá.

Located around the back corner of the Dlouhá Passage off Hradební street, Royaltea Praha is now offering unique blends like iced matcha tea with cream cheese and an oreo crumble or a melon smoothie with whipped cream cheese.

The matcha brew uses a select Uji Matcha blend hand-picked from the mountains of Japan outside Kyoto. Each tea is freshly brewed in exactly 60 seconds and topped with a special homemade Royaltea Praha cream cheese.

via Facebook / Royaltea Praha
via Facebook / Royaltea Praha

If you’re not in the mood for cheese with your tea, Royaltea Praha also offers some more traditional drinks like iced green tea with watermelon, oolong with lychee, and a variety of refreshing lemonades to help beat the summer heat.

Royaltea Praha at the Gourmet Passage Dlouhá has been in a soft opening phase over the past month, but the official opening is set for August 1st.

To celebrate the grand opening, the new location is offering a special buy-one-get-one 50% off from August 1-7, 2018.

If you’ve ever had the inclination to try a cheesy tea, now’s the time.

You can find out more about the new Royaltea Praha cafe at the Gourmet Passage Dlouhá at their official Facebook page.

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