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A new Saturday market is opening at Prague’s oldest river spa this weekend

Local suppliers will sell a variety of fresh goods at the market, including produce, wine and more
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Prague residents will soon have a new way to shop for local goods: the markets at Plovárna.

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Winemarkers, small breweries, local farmers and a wide range of vendors will have a chance to sell their products at the markets, located on the left bank of the Vltava near the Čech Bridge by the civic swimming pool area. The markets will open on June 6 for the summer season.

The civic swimming pool at Plovárna was built in 1840 and became the first river spa in Prague. Franz Kafka and his father were regular visitors to the spa. In recent years, the pool transformed into a restaurant and has since been renovated and available for rent.

On opening day on June 6, there will be certain special offers available as well. Vendors will also offer grilled fish, street food, and Italian delicacies for sale. In addition, guests can enjoy a sightseeing cruise along the Vltava for free.

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Each Saturday, a large variety of sellers will come to the markets to offer their goods for sale. Find everything from cut flowers, fresh produce, local beer like Pivovar Národní, local wine, and more.

In addition, there will be a children’s corner and sightseeing cruises along the Vltava. The guarded children’s corner will be free each Saturday, but after June 6, visitors will be required to pay for the cruises.

Learn more about Plovárna here.

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