A Whole New Kind of Cold Brew

A Whole New Kind of Cold Brew

Are you an iced coffee drinker who could do without the ice cream and whipped cream atop a typical ledová kavá? Good news. The latest cold coffee trend hitting the Czech Republic caters more to coffee purists than fans of frappe.

What exactly is it?

Prague’s cafes and independent brewers are jumping on board the cold-brew coffee craze just in time for summer. This is different from iced coffee, generally made hot and poured over ice to cool. Cold brew refers to an entirely different brewing method.

To make cold-brew coffee, fresh roasted beans are ground to about the same size used in a French press. Then they’re combined with cold or room temperature water in a sealed container for a long period of time. The temperature of the water and length of time can vary, and change the flavor.

A Whole New Kind of Cold Brew

F.H Prager, better known for their cider, brews their Café Zapatista cold brew with Mexican coffee beans and 5°C (41° F) water in a stainless steel tank for about thirty hours. Colt Brew prefers Guatemalan beans in 21° C (70° F) water in stainless steel for about twenty hours. After brewing, the grounds are filtered out of the liquid and it’s ready to drink. Just like with hot brewed coffee, some people prefer to add milk and sugar, while others take it black.

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Buzzworthy for its caffeine buzz

There are two man differences between hot and cold brewed coffee. First, cold brewing produces much less acidity, giving the coffee a smoother taste, and often bringing out subtleties from the beans. Many drinkers report tasting more citrus or chocolate-y notes in the coffee. Second, the caffeine quotient is higher – think energy drink more than morning cup. This might come in handy as summer nights get longer, but could also leave those with a lower tolerance feeling jittery.

Where to try and buy

You can find bottled Colt Brew at Mamacoffee locations and Sklizeno Farmer’s Markets in Prague. Café Zapatista bottles are available at Anonymous Coffee at I.P. Pavlova, and at F.H Prager’s new store at Jugoslávských partyzánů 9 in Prague 6. The Coffee Room in Vinohrady also serves their own cold brew, and with the rate this trend is spreading, just ask the barista at your favorite local café.

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A Whole New Kind of Cold Brew

Naturally better with booze!

What beverage isn’t more fun with booze? We asked some of Prague’s cold brew coffee pioneers for their ideas on creating cocktails with their products.

Anonymous Coffee Cocktail: Chaac
Named for the Mayan god of rain – you might want to be on his good side with the chilli and tequila giving this cocktail a touch of spice.

A Whole New Kind of Cold Brew

10 cl (3.3 oz) Café Zapatista
4 cl (1.35 oz) Jose Cuervo Silver Tequila
1.5 cl (0.5 oz) mango syrup
½ chili pepper
1/6 lime garnish
*serve in a beer mug
(available for 87 CZK at Anonymous Coffee)

Colt Brew Cocktail: Harry 29
Inspired by Dirty Harry, the movie that made the Colt .44 model #29 famous. The chilli is a nod to the villain named Scorpio.

A Whole New Kind of Cold Brew

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