Bad-Taste Ad for Already Weird-Tasting Product

This Czech yogurt drink possibly has the most awful branding strategy ever
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A tart fermented milk drink traditionally infused with grains that have been produced from the “intestinal flora,” of sheep, kefir products, despite their healthful properties, aren’t exactly an easy sell.

But a new Czech producer of kefir has come up with a brilliant way to market their sheep-stomach beverage – by adding two letters to the end of the word and slapping a little mustache on the bottle.

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Kefírer (a play on kefír and the Czech word for führer) has as its logo a cartoon depiction of the infamous Nazi leader, naturally the perfect pitch man for dairy products.

The brand’s Facebook page has received more than 10,000 likes since its May 3 launch. Speculation that it has all been a clever marketing stunt was shut down by who reports that it likely is advertising for an actual product.

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The company’s message (“Kefírer, leader among kefir! Clean, delicious, perfect!”) is also featured in video spots and a billboard in Brno. 

The company behind the product launch says that this kind of black humor plays out well among Czech society which has a high tolerance for taboo subjects.

Whether or not the whole thing is a marketing ploy will come to light on May 17, when the product is due to hit the shelves.

Tip: Visit Food & Drink for great tips on Prague restaurants, Czech cuisine, and more

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