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Beyond Meat burger now available in the Czech Republic

The popular meat alternative is now available for purchase in Prague as Beyond Meat has hit online supermarkets Koší and

The veggie burger revolution is officially happening worldwide, with two popular brands competing for the title of best I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-beef patty: Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat.

While the Impossible Burger has yet to come to the Czech Republic – though Burger King, currently testing the burger in some of its US locations, could roll it out locally in the near future – Beyond Meat quietly entered the Czech market earlier this month after the company went public in May.

While not (yet) available in brick & mortar stores, the Beyond Meat burger is now on the Czech market through popular online supermarkets Koší and

Koší is currently offering a pack of two patties for 199 crowns, while has the two-pack for the same price along with a 10-pack for 799 crowns. also retails an additional Beyond Meat product, Beyond Meat sausages, which run 750 crowns for a 10-pack.

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Beyond Meat burger now available in the Czech Republic
via Beyond Meat

While the Beyond Meat burgers are a little pricier than other veggie burgers on the Czech market – including a range of popular Linda McCartney products and Garden Gourmet, which also launched on the Czech market earlier this year through Nestlé – it’s in line with what the Beyond Meat burger retails for internationally.

A single Beyond Meat patty contains 250 calories, 20 grams of protein, 18 grams of fat (6 grams of saturated fat), and 390 milligrams of sodium, all numbers roughly similar to what an actual beef burger might contain.

Unlike (typically) high-cholesterol animal-sourced burgers, however, the Beyond Meat burger contains exactly zero grams of artery-clogging cholesterol, making it a decidedly healthier alternative.

Beyond Meat burger now available in the Czech Republic
via Beyond Meat

Since Beyond Meat went public in May, stock for the company has surged 800%, making it one of 2019’s hottest commodities on the NASDAQ (despite having 33 times the revenue, for example, Campbell’s Soup is now valued lower than Beyond Meat).

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Beyond Meat is now offering early investors the chance to cash out with a secondary share sale that will also allow the company to further invest in production and marketing. Key investors backing Beyond Meat include famous figures like Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The surging popularity of veggie burgers is not just a US trend; according to Nielsen statistics, sales of veggie burgers in the Czech Republic increased by 20% last year.

More info about the Beyond Meat burger can be found through its official website.

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