Chef´s Table at HOT

Bringing you into the kitchen
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HOT News in Prague:
Unique Chef´s Table takes you into the kitchen.

Right in the heart of Prague – on Wenceslas Square – there is a unique restaurant called HOT. It is a place where Asian Cuisine Meets European with memorable results. HOT´s location is oozing with energy and pulsating with life both during the day and at night. Not only does the name reflects the overall atmosphere of the place, but HOT has become the hottest restaurant in the city!

Watch out! The full name – HOT Asia Meets Europe – indicates that the cuisine will definitely include spicy Asian elements. Specifically, a chef from Thailand, Mr. Vong, works alongside his Czech colleagues and together they create true masterpieces of Asian culinary art. However, there is definitely something for everyone on HOT´s menu. If you are not a fan of Thai and Japanese specialities, you also have the option to select from a number of expertly prepared international dishes.

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While guests appreciate the ambience and superb service at HOT; their eyes are usually riveted on the lighted red circle on the wall through which they can see the stainless-steel surface of a kitchen table, the chef and his cooks.

Many chefs prefer to keep their recipes and cooking methods carefully guarded secrets. The chefs at HOT are not like that. They allow guests to join them in the kitchen and sit at the “Chefs Table” to learn the chef´s secrets. From this vantage point, not only can the diners see every step in the preparation of the food, but also enjoy the fragrances of multitude of herbs, spices and sauces, as well as the tantalizing aromas of cooking meats and vegetables. However, if guests are not content to just observe the creation of the meal, they are welcome to put on an apron and cook´s hat and join in the preparation! Guests also like to get advice concerning the raw ingredients they use, as well as the description of the magnificent creations prepared by HOT´s talented culinary team.

If you combine the unique “Chef´s Table” culinary experience with the vivid and highly pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant´s interior – which is done in a lively Art Deco style – you will, no doubt, want to repeat such a unique dining experience as soon as possible.

New: HOT Cooking Lessons
HOT chefs will organize special cooking lessons for you as a private person or for your company as a kind of teambuilding activity for the employees.
Call +420 222 247 240 or send your request to

Tip: Visit Food & Drink for great tips on Prague restaurants, Czech cuisine, and more

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