Coca-Cola to Pull Two-Liter Bottles from Czech Market

The move could be a reaction to the local demand for drinks with less sugar, say local nutrition analysts
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As of this spring, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, and Kinley tonic will no longer be sold in two-liter bottles in the Czech Republic. 

“Two-liter packaging is leaving because it does not accommodate various opportunities in consumer consumption of drinks,” Kateřina Švecová, a spokesperson for Coca-Cola HBC Czech Republic, recently told iDnes

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A week ago, the company began to replace the 2-liter packaging with 1.75-liter and 2.25-liter containers and six-packs of 330-ml cans.

Sales of larger quantities will end in March; the company expects to sell out in April with clearance promotions and discounts planned.

While sales of Coca-Cola actually rose in the Czech Republic last year, analysts say that the company may be retreating from selling larger sizes due to the current market demand for unsweetened drinks and lower personal sugar intake.

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And though the Czech Republic has yet to instate a sugar tax, an effort to clamp down on the advertisting and sales of unhealthy food and drinks in Czech schools is currently in the works.

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