Czech Model Tapped for World’s First Vagina Beer

But don’t worry, it’s clean, safe, and totally respectful to women, says the company behind it
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A recently launched Indiegogo campaign is seeking €150,000 to fund the creation of the world’s first vagina beer, a bottled brew that would contain the “quintessence of femininity,” e.g. vaginal bacteria.

While the company is Polish – and oh-so-cleverly named the Order of Yoni for the Sanskrit word for “womb” – the ludicrous venture has ties to the Czech Republic: the woman who will lend her lactic acid bacteria to “Bottled Instinct” beer, and who appears in the promo materials in lingerie, is Czech model Alexandra Brendlova.

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According to the company’s technically rigorous FAQ (“We take the bacteria from vagina using gynecological stick”), much time was invested in finding just the right woman for the job:

“We selected a beautiful, very intelligent, woman for our first beer and she personifies beauty, intelligence and will be an inspiration for our future models.”

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Hold on there haters, non-believers, and women like me who are currently searching for the nearest object to hurl, the Yoni mean no direspect.


“Firstly, Yoni is a sacred Hindu name of vagina and it symbolizes our respect to vagina as a sacrum…We are convinced such respect should be also present in our modern Western culture. The Order believes the beer is a tribute to our mothers and a tribute to the act of childbirth. It is far, far from disrespect for a woman.”

Apparently that respect extends only to the hot models and celebrities the company invites to make donations. The exception? Anyone willing to ante up a €10,000 contribution gets 60 bottles of signature brew made from “Girlfriend’s bacteria.”


Tip: Visit Food & Drink for great tips on Prague restaurants, Czech cuisine, and more

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