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Expats.cz takes a look at food delivery options in Prague

Nicole Malone

Written by Nicole Malone
Published on 09.06.2009 13:15 (updated on 09.06.2009)

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One thing I have noticed since living in Prague is that my fridge is not covered with take away/delivery food fliers and there isn´t a kitchen drawer overflowing with leaflets. In one sense this is a good thing, it has always forced me to either cook something when I am feeling lazy, or it gets me out of the flat. But for those times when you really can´t face the kitchen, and you just can´t be bothered to make it out the front door – here are a selection of different restaurants and services which provide home delivery. If you know of any more, please add them to the end of this article, there may be hope for my fridge door yet!


Pizza West (Bratri Synku 5/1 Prague 4, www.pizzawest.cz). Pizzeria with some tex-mex options as well. You can make your order on line and delivery in Prague costs from 49-95CZK. Open until 2am.

Pizzeria Venezia (Anglická 9 Prague 2, www.pizzeriavenezia.cz) Free delivery in Prague 2 and for orders over 500CZK. Otherwise delivery ranges from 49-149CZK, depending on your location. Pizzeria Venezia offers a free drink with every delivered pizza, but they charge 10CZK for a box.

Canzone (Eliášova 7 Prague 6, www.canzone.cz) Italian restaurant that delivers only in the Prague 6 area. Free delivery for orders over 295Kc, otherwise delivery costs 35CZK. Open 7 days a week until 11pm. Order by phone: 224 325 226.

The following Italian delivery services have websites that are only in Czech:

Pizza Hned (Sokolovská 42 Prague 8, www.pizzahned.cz). You can order on line or by phone: 222 315 665/ 722 642 659. Delivery ranges from 30CZK to 60CZK within central Prague. Pizza Hned offers pizza, pasta, gyros, salads, etc.

Pizza 4 You (Hostivařská 224/28 Prague 10, www.pizza4you.cz). Offers Italian food which can be ordered on line or over the phone: 608 229 999. Open until 10pm, with free delivery to areas around and in Hostivař. However, the order needs to be at least 200CZK, more the further away you need it to be delivered.

Pizza Go Home (www.pizzagohome.cz). A non-stop pizzeria that delivers all over Prague. You can order on line or by phone: 283 870 000. Order from their menu, or you can create your own pizza from the base up.


Himalaya (Mikovcova 7 Prague 2, www.himalayagroup.cz). Indian restaurant open 7 days a week until 11pm. Delivery costs either a minimum of 60CZK or is priced at 18CZK per km. Delivery is one hour and food can be ordered on line. Containers for each dish ordered cost 7CZK, and a Naan bag cost 3CZK.

Tandoor (Konecchlumského 7 Prague 6, www.tandoor.cz). Indian restaurant open daily until 11pm. Delivery costs either a minimum of 50CZK or is priced at 15CZK per km. To place an order call: 775 325 766/ 233 359 274.


Mr sushi (Malá Štupartská 3 Prague 1, www.sushigo.cz). Website is only in Czech. Delivery costs 99CZK, or if you spend over 999CZK it is free. Open 7 days a week until 11pm. You can order on line or by phone: 720 111 111.

Xin Xin (Holešovická tržnice Prague 7, www.tady.cz/chinafood). Chinese stand in the Holešovice market which delivers. Orders over 500CZK are free within 5km. The website is only in Czech, but most dishes have a photo when you click on them, so if you can´t understand Czech you can always try to guess from the photo! To make an order call: 723 981 387/ 602 371 338. Xin Xin is open Monday-Friday until 7pm, Saturday until 3pm.


Jerry´s (Makovského 1179 Prague 6, www.jerrys.cz). Jerry´s is an American restaurant which offers a wide menu that includes salads, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, chicken wings and pasta, just to name a few. Jerry´s delivers to Prague 5 and 6. They will deliver to other areas in Prague as well, but these areas need to be requested by phone: 235 302 688. If delivery is in Prague 5 and 6 it will cost up to 69CZK.


Apartment for rent, Flatshare, 10m<sup>2</sup>

Apartment for rent, Flatshare, 10m2

Řehořova, Praha 3 - Žižkov

Apartment for rent, 1+1 - Studio, 36m<sup>2</sup>

Apartment for rent, 1+1 - Studio, 36m2

Lupáčova, Praha 3 - Žižkov

Parking space for rent, 15m<sup>2</sup>

Parking space for rent, 15m2

Jindřicha Plachty, Praha 5 - Smíchov

Villa for rent, 409m<sup>2</sup>, 1324m<sup>2</sup> of land

Villa for rent, 409m2, 1324m2 of land

Starodvorská, Praha 6 - Lysolaje

Giraffy (www.giraffy.cz) offers a range of fresh food delivered within Brno. They offer salads, pastas, sandwiches, soups, desserts etc. Open Monday to Thursday to 8pm, Friday until 2pm. You can order on line or by phone: 545 22 44 44. Delivery fee is 30CZK per order, and the minimum purchase price differs on how far out of the Brno centre you live.


Las Adelitas (www.lasadelitas.cz) offers Mexican food with free delivery to areas within Prague 1, 2, 3 and 5. Every week there is a special Mexican dish for 149CZK. You can order by email, or sms/call: 776 805 317. Delivery hours Monday – Friday from 11am to 5pm, Saturday from 1pm to 5pm. It is recommended that you order a few hours in advance so you receive your meal on time.


Restaurace Zelená kuchyně (Milíčova 5 Praha 3, www.zelenakuchyne.cz) Website is only in Czech. Delivery price depends on how much you spend in your food order. The delivery price ranges from 50CZK to 200CZK, and if you spend more than 275CZK then delivery is free. Delivery is available every day from 10-4pm. You can order on line, by email, or by phone: 222 220 114. Restaurace Zelená kuchyně is also a vegetarian store where you can order gourmet and bio products, vegetarian of course.

If none of these options take your fancy, there are a few internet delivery services which offer you a larger range of restaurants and different cuisines to choose from:

Eurobest (www.rozvozjidel.cz) offers home delivery in both Prague and Brno. It offers American, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Czech, Italian and more. You simply order what you want on line and they call you to confirm your order. Minimum order is 300CZK and delivery price depends on the area you live in. In Prague this can range from 160CZK-340CZK.

NetČíšník (www.netcisnik.cz) offers home delivery all over the Czech Republic. There are over 50 restaurants you can order from.

Food Taxi (www.foodtaxi.cz) offers home delivery from restaurants catering for Chinese, Mexican, Italian and international cuisines. Delivery is charged for the route from the restaurant to the delivery address. For the first 3km it costs 65CZK/km, after this it drops to 20CZK/km. Open Monday to Friday, with last orders taken at 10pm. Orders can be taken online or by phone: 777 17 13 94/ 603 17 13 94.

And finally, a few internet sites that will help restock your pantry and fridge:

Foodumiss.com (www.foodumiss.com) offers a range of frozen UK products that are difficult to find in Prague. All of the products are delivered frozen, but you can ask for the products to be delivered thawed if you would prefer. For orders under 1000CZK there is a delivery charge of 50CZK, 100CZK on the weekends and 200CZK on bank holidays. Orders over 1000CZK have free delivery.

Americanfood.cz (www.americanfood.cz) offers favorites like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Pop Tarts and root beer. The website also offers wine, chocolate, tea, coffee and olive oil. Orders over 2500CZK or in Hostivice and surroundings have free delivery, orders below 1500CZK have a 129CZK delivery fee and between 1500-2500CZK there is a 99CZK delivery fee. Products can be delivered all over the Czech Republic.


Zenron Consulting CZ s.r.o.

Zenron Consulting CZ s.r.o.

ANĐELA Šimunović

JanHandyman with van

JanHandyman with van

Fast and efficient (Paint and..

Olivier Bauduin - Coach,..

Olivier Bauduin - Coach, Counsellor, Therapist, in English & French

I can only recommend Olivier

Nestar (www.nestar.cz) delivers fresh Argentinean beef, Spanish cheeses, and Latin American wines. Free delivery within Prague and its suburbs when order consists of at least 6 wines and 1 pack of meat. Order online or by phone: 222 783 829.

Family Frost (www.family-frost.cz) is a company which offers frozen products and ice-creams. Their website is only in Czech, but there are clear pictures showing what kind of products are available. They have a fleet of yellow vans which do scheduled circuits throughout the Czech Republic. The vans play a signature tune to let you know they are coming, giving you enough time to grab your slippers and dart out the front door.

Japan-Eshop.com (www.japan-eshop.com) offers Japanese products, ranging from food and drink to dinnerware and Japanese clothing. The website is only available in Czech.

Drinks 24 (Nuselska 53 Prague 4, www.drinks24.com) is basically a liquor store online. It offers a huge range of spirits, wines, beers, liquors, as well as soft drinks and products to complement. Delivery fee is 150CZK, or if the order is over 2999CZK it is free. There is also the option to pick up your order at their outlet in Nusle.

Z-Market (www.z-market.cz) is an online supermarket which offers 24 hour delivery to areas within Prague and its surroundings. The minimum order is 749CZK and there is free delivery offered to locations up to 30km from the center of Prague. Orders can be made online or by phone: 224 256 725. There is also the possibility to fax your order on: 222 521 279.