Masopust food festival to debut in Prague this week
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Masopust food festival to debut in Prague this week

The pedestrian zone in Prague 5’s Anděl neighborhood will see a festive large-scale Masopust celebration take place this week.

Some thirty stalls offering traditional masopust and zabijačka fare such as jitrnice sausage and goulash soup will be the centerpiece of this food-focused fest where visitors can also sample the numerous sweets of the Czech Mardi-Gras season.

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In Prague, several popular masopust festivals — masopust is the local incarnation of carnival celebrations elsewhere in the run-up to Lent — are held at the beginning of March in Zizkov, Malá Strana, and Letná. 

Smaller festivals are held in Karlín, Hlubočepy, and Toulcův dvůr.

This latest addition to the local festivities is organized by Food Event, the group behind several popular Prague food festivals taking place on Prague’s riverbanks including Food Truck Festival and Street Food Festival.

This year’s popular Zizkov masopust takes place on March 2-3

The all-day-long masopust block party kicks off on Wednesday, February 20, and runs from 8 am to 7 pm.

As part of the accompanying program, there will be a carnival band and mask-making workshops; anyone who shows up in a mask will receive a free koláč.

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