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McDonald’s raises cheeseburger prices in the Czech Republic for the first time in years

The rise marks the first increase in price since 2017.
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If you’re heading to McDonald’s for your next meal, you’ll have to pay just a little bit more for your cheeseburger.

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The price of a McDonald’s cheeseburger is now 33 CZK, exceeding 30 crowns for the first time ever, iDnes reports. That’s up from 29 CZK. The rise marks the first increase in price since 2017.

This time around, the price of labor and raw materials is responsible for the rise, a spokesman said.

“We increased the price of the cheeseburger because entry costs, such as the salaries of our employees or supplier prices, increased over time,” McDonald’s media representative Adam Rapák told iDnes.

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Even so, a McDonald’s spokesperson said when they increased prices in 2017, the cheeseburger remains one of the cheapest products on the menu.

A small price increase won’t matter much to customers, the spokeswoman said at the time.

Even within the fast food market, this is still a favorable offer. For example, the first price of a cheeseburger in the Czech Republic – when entering the market a quarter of a century ago – was 21 crowns. It is therefore an increase in the price by eight crowns in 25 years,” said then McDonald’s spokeswoman Zuzana Svobodová told iDnes in 2017.

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The popular fast food chain has been operating in Czech Republic since 1992. When they first opened, the price of the cheeseburger was set at 21 CZK.

Since they opened, the price has fluctuated a bit, gradually increasing.

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