Moravian Winemaking Tradition Calls for Supple Lady Feet

Grape-stomping sessions are common during wine harvest but this one in the Slovácka region has a curious twist
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A pension and winery in the Slovácka region, known for its observance of unique folk customs including the springtime Ride of Kings pageant, will revive a curious old tradition this wine harvest (vinobraní) season.

In cooperation with the Boršice Winemakers Association and the Eastern Moravian Tour board, the customary pressing of the newly harvested grapes will be conducted here exclusively by “soft girlish” feet, according to event organizer.

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No indication as to how the lucky women are selected or the softness of their feet measured, though similar events typically take place in the Znojmo region as well where participants are treated to a pre-stomp foot soak (see video below).

A representative from the tourism board says the use of supple lady feet to stomp grapes is still a technique used at wineries abroad, though by our estimation it is largely a symbolic practice.

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As event organizer Petr Gottwald told, the event aims “not only to entertain, but also to remind us of our roots and the spiritual dimension of the harvest gifts of our country.”

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The ladies-only grape stomp event begins on Saturday, October 1 at 14:00 and is part of a larger roster of festivities that includes dulcimer music and folk dancing.

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