My Perfect Night Out: DJ Michael Burian

My Perfect Night Out: DJ Michael Burian

Michael Burian, EDM producer and owner of the music company Bohemian Recordings, is a Czech DJ known for his dynamic mixes Vltava, Inject, Praha, and many more. Catch him May 17th in Brno with Paul Van Dyk and in August at Festival Mácháč. Here, his picks for a perfect night out v Praze.

18:00 I like to start my evening with a walk; no matter where you go, there will be a nice place to see. After that I head to Duplex Bar or Maxim Bar, where you can have a nice relaxing drink and conversation before the party starts! My favorite pub for enjoying the sunset with a glass of beer is Bobova Draha. Nice terrace, great view.

19:00 Dinner time. My favorite restaurant is Noi. The best Thai food is there and the friendliest staff. Try the Kang Panaeng Neur – beef with curry and coconut milk. Another nice place is U Maliru. Very bohemian and old-fashioned with a magical atmosphere.

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My Perfect Night Out: DJ Michael Burian

20:30 After dinner, I usually like a change of scenery and often stop into Cafe Cafe for dessert. Even if you don’t like sweets, when you see the cakes there, you will have change of heart.

21:00 In the evening I love to walk. You can think, listen to music, or clear your head. The best place to do this is Charles Bridge. It’s absolutely beautiful. Sometimes if I am not in the mood for walk I like to take boat trips or head to the Jazz Dock which is right on the river. It’s a very modern bar with live music every night.

My Perfect Night Out: DJ Michael Burian

22:00-23:00 When it’s time to party I would normally go to Mecca Club. They organize the best parties in Prague, famous international djs and artists from abroad. The place is big, there is air conditioning (something very important in clubs) and you can dance all night, meet interesting people, and have fun til morning.

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02:00 If you have still some energy left after the club, crash at Le Clan. It’s the best after party place, actually they host many after-parties with some big name djs and stars.

03:00 Find a non-stop KFC or McDonalds, I have to admit, I visit them from time to time!

My Perfect Night Out: DJ Michael Burian

Tell us about your favorite night out in Prague.

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