Na Zdraví! Historic Center of Prague to Get a Slivovice Museum

Distillery Land, due to open in late 2019, will offer tastings, tours and a look at the history of plum brandy in Vizovice
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Producer of Czech spirits Rudolf Jelínek plans to build a “Distillery Land” in the center of Prague, a museum designed to present the history of the Vizovice-based company via exhibits and tastings.

The museum will be built on the premises of the House at the White Shoe (Dům U Bílé botky), a Renaissance building on U Lužického semináře Street in Malá Strana.

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The property, formerly owned by Czech actress Slávka Budínová, suffered significant damage during the 2002 floods and was placed on the list of endangered Czech monuments.

Project manager Hana Holubová told Czech publication E15: “The largest part of the project will be dedicated to the museum, an interactive exhibition of the production of fruit spirits and fruit growing in the Czech lands, including the history of distilling in Vizovice.”

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The reconstructed complex will not only house a museum but a tasting bar and spaces for the “presentation of the distillery portfolio Rudolf Jelínek.”

Construction of the museum has been delayed for the past six years due to a land dispute between the company and the city of Prague; according to E15 the cost of the project, including the purchase of the original property, is an estimated CZK 150 million.

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Completion of the building is scheduled for the end of the year; the degustation center will be open to visitors in late December 2019 at the latest.

A similar visitors center already exists in Vizovice where the distillery produces signature slivovice from its 150 acres of plum orchards.

The Jelínek portfolio also includes pear, apricot, and cherry brandies as well as liqueurs, absinthe, and kosher spirits.

Tip: Visit Food & Drink for great tips on Prague restaurants, Czech cuisine, and more

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