Online supermarket Rohlík launches pick-up kiosks in Prague
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Online supermarket Rohlík launches pick-up kiosks in Prague

On-line grocery store  is launching refrigerated pick up points in selected large office centers in Prague and Brno.

The cooling boxes, called Rohlík Points, are designed to store smaller purchases (starting at 300 CZK) and will offer free shipping. Currently, the minimum amount for delivery from is 500 CZK with the customer also paying for delivery.

The roughly two-meter-high dispenser boxes, which combine glass and wood elements, are divided into frozen and fresh compartments.

A PIN code will be required to pick up orders and will be sent via SMS as soon as the courier physically puts the bags in the box, within an estimated two hours after the order is placed.

Tomáš Čupr founder of the Czech Republic’s largest domestic online supermarket, says the company wants to create a broad distribution network in the future, but will initially focus on delivery to the largest office centers in the Czech capital including Meteor center in Karlín, O2 Za Brumlovka, and Anděl Park office centers.

The company aims to install over 100 such boxes in the coming year in an effort to help busy employees save time.

According to, such delivery points could appear in new building complexes as well as the reception areas of residential buildings.

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