Orlando Bloom has named this Prague bistro his favorite restaurant in the world

Bloom named Prague's Italian bistro La Cucina in Finestra his favorite restaurant in an interview with The Telegraph

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky
Published on 08.09.2020 13:16 (updated on 08.09.2020)

Hollywood star Orlando Bloom recently celebrated the birth of his second child in August – his first with partner Katy Perry – and shared a few of his favorite things with The Telegraph’s Stephen Doig in an article published earlier this morning.

One of those favorite things just happens to be based in Prague.

It shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. Over the past three years, Bloom has called a Prague home for around ten months while shooting Amazon’s Carnival Row, which recently wrapped its second season. Cast and crew returned to the Czech capital in August after filming was interrupted for five months by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over that time, the actor has had been spotted in numerous locations throughout Prague, even riding Czech brand Festka bikes through the streets of the city and its surroundings.


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‘Between the woods and frozen lakes…’ who can finish that line or name the poet ?

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He’s also had some good experiences with the Prague dining scene.




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“What is your favorite restaurant?” Doig asked Bloom for The Telegraph.

“I love a charming place called La Finestra in Prague,” Bloom replied.

“It’s the whole package of food, atmosphere and wonderful people. The salt-baked sea bass with grilled vegetables is my go-to.”

via La Finestra in Cucina


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Located in Prague’s Old Town, on a less-tourist-trafficked street at Platnéřská 13, La Finestra en Cucina was founded by Italian expat Riccardo Lucque, who came to Prague as the head chef at Square in 2002. Three years later, he opened his own restaurant in Vinohrady, the ever-popular Aromi.

Under the banner of La Collezione, Lucque now operates nearly ten restaurants in the Czech capital, including five branches of the La Bottega Bistro, Aromi, Amano, Via Del Vino, and La Cucina – which now comes with the distinction of being named a “favorite thing” by a Hollywood star.

What are some of Bloom’s other favorite things?

FaceTime – to stay in touch with his family while he’s shooting in Prague – artwork by his friend David Miles, the Aston Martin DBS V8, and meditation were all mentioned in the interview. For fashion, Bloom prefers double-breasted suits.


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“Maybe it’s because it reminds me of images of Cary Grant looking debonair,” he says. “Or perhaps it’s because double-breasted suits were popularised by the Duke of Kent, which is where I’m from.”