Prague Museum Boasts Largest Chocolate Egg in Central Europe

Prague Museum Boasts Largest Chocolate Egg in Central Europe

It took two chocolatiers and a sinful quantity of luxury Belgian Belcolade chocolate to craft what the Choco Story Praha Museum is calling Central Europe’s largest chocolate Easter egg.

According to a spokesperson from Viva4You, the fine chocolate and rock candy manufacturer that cooperates with the museum on Prague’s Celetná Street, the egg is 1.5 meters tall and weighs 25 kg total, not counting its additional chocolate decorations. 

“To our knowledge there isn’t any larger chocolate egg in Central Europe,” they told us via e-mail.

Prague Museum Boasts Largest Chocolate Egg in Central Europe

The egg, which will be part of a larger celebration in the the museum’s Easter Bunny den, is on view from today, April 14, through Easter Monday.

Visitors will be able to take a sweet selfie with the giant edible Easter egg while the company is gearing up to give away 16,000 chocolate eggs by “the bunny’s little helpers.”

(See our story on the Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Prague.)

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While chocolate eggs are not unique to the Czech Republic, they do have European origins: The first chocolate Easter eggs were made in France and Germany who took the lead on this new type of artistic confectionery in the early 19th century. is a comprehensive and popular portal for the English-speaking community, offering a wide range of information geared toward foreigners living and working in Prague and the Czech Republic.

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