Prague Named among Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Capitals In 2017

A newly released survey for vegetarian and vegan travelers has named the Czech capital a destination for meat-free dining
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Compiled by German holiday-home search engine, Holidu, and based on the number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and markets available in each city, a new ranking aims to inspire “a growing number of people who opt for a diet that is completely free of animal products.”

Amsterdam, Paris, Lisbon, Stockholm, and Berlin filled out the top 5 spots while Copenhagen, Prague, Vienna, Oslo, and London, respectively rounded out the top 10.

Of the traditionally meat-mad Czech city at #7, Holidu magazine writes:

“Besides dumplings and lots and lots of meat visitors will find in the Czech capital now more and more vegan dishes on the menu. Here, not least the tourism ensures that diversity has arrived.”


The survey name checks a couple of Prague establishments as notable destinations among the city’s restaurants and markets: Raw Cha and World Vegan Supermarket, both on Na Poříčí street.

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Last year in its ranking of the world’s Top 10 vegan cities, HappyCow ranked Prague at #5; this year it didn’t make the top 10, yet Prague was still listed as a noteworthy veg-friendly global city.

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The site’s comprehensive listing of vegetarian restaurants is quite handy both for locals looking to try something new or incomers to the Czech capital.

For more on Prague’s vegan scene, see our latest article on vegan and vegetarian fast-food options.

Tip: Visit Food & Drink for great tips on Prague restaurants, Czech cuisine, and more

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