Prague Restaurant Ranked Among World’s Best for Fine Dining
Alcron restaurant / Facebook

Prague Restaurant Ranked Among World’s Best for Fine Dining

TripAdvisor has unveiled the Best Fine Dining Restaurants in the World as part of its 2017 Travellers’ Choice awards.

The category’s top 10 was dominated by restaurants from the UK and France—#1 went to the Black Swan at Oldstead in North Yorkshire—but an entry from the Czech capital did land in the top 15—Alcron Restaurant, located inside New Town’s Radisson Blu Hotel, was ranked #11.

Helmed by chef Roman Paulus, the restaurant received “Excellent” ratings in 84 percent of its 1,335 reviews for its mix of fresh seafood and French entrees.

Photo: Alcron Restaurant / Facebook

The Alcron is one of only three restaurants in the Czech capital to currently hold a Michelin Star, alongside La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise and Field.

The list of user-chosen Prague restaurants for 2017, topped by Street Restaurant and Cocktail Bar on Konviktská in Prague 1, reflects the diversity of local offerings with a mix of ethnic and casual cuisine, as well as two vegetarian restaurants, included.

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Prague also retained its spot in the top 10 world hotels (Boho Hotel #5) and as a top world destination (#9).

Here is the complete list of the most favorite restaurants in the Czech capital as chosen by TripAdvisor users:

1. The Street Restaurant and Cocktail Bar
2. Namaste India Indian Restaurant
3. Wine O’Clock Shop Prague
4. ROESEL – Craft Beer & Cake
5. Be Bop Lobby Bar
6. Portfolio Restaurant
7. Restaurant Alcron
8. Etnosvet
9. Vegan’s Restaurant Prague
10. Bellevue

Featured image: Alcron Restaurant / Facebook

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