Summertime tapas in Prague: light bites and refreshing drinks to beat the heat

This week LasSaboritas have sampled the best small plates, wine, and Prosecco across Prague

Las Saboritas

Written by Las Saboritas
Published on 28.07.2020 16:42 (updated on 28.07.2020)

There’s no better time than summer to enjoy light bites and a tipple. And while you’ve probably heard of a “pub crawl” — one drink per pub at multiple bars in a single night, the foodie version of that activity is to eat your way through any given city stopping throughout various neighborhoods to enjoy small plates and sips.

We combined the crawl idea with one of our favorite forms of food: Spanish-style tapas. We did a Prague tapas crawl in February and had so much fun that we are sharing our results. The pleasing combination of outdoor seating, a good cheese board or antipasto platter, and a crisp glass of wine, is the perfect antidote to sweltering summer nights.

With so many choices, it’s impossible to do the entire Prague tapas crawl in one day. So how should you design your summer tapas crawl? Here are a few tips:

  • Select your start and endpoints. No need to stay in one neighborhood. A tram ride between stops is a great way to see the city.
  • End close to home; you’ll be glad for this advice after several glasses of wine!
  • Choose how many places you want to visit in advance. We recommend 3-5 total stops.
  • Finally, pick what appeals to you from these tried-and-tested locations on our tapas list (ratings based on a maximum of 5 chiles). 

These are our favorite stops on a summertime tapas crawl in Prague:

Staré Město

Eat: charcuterie selection with cheese, bread, and olive oil

Drink: Czech white wines including unfiltered Martin Vajčner Havranické vřesoviště from Znojmo


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Tempo Allegro, Karolíny Světlé 24

Eat: pecorino with walnuts, truffle salami, marinated artichokes, burrata, Valpolicella piccante

Drink: Pinot Grigio 2018, Bidoli, Italia


Gilda Pintxos & Tapas, Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad 1659/10

Eat: calamares fritos, croquetas, your choice of pinxtos from the bar, manchego semicurado

Drink: house garnacha or tempranillo

Oliveira Wine | Tapas | Market, Čermákova 1231/4

Eat: the tasting board of ham, cheese, walnuts and quince jam; chorizo sausage; baked codfish with bechamel sauce; grilled octopus

Drink:  red wine sangria or any of the Portuguese red wines that fit your budget

Nové Město

La Casa, Lípová 10

Eat: meat & cheese board and fill up on affordable snacks here

Drink: a glass of whatever looks good to you, but save your wine quota for better selections elsewhere


PORKE,Tapas & Restaurant, Kubelíkova 33


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Eat: grilled halloumi and pinsa romana

Drink: atypical for tapas, but go with beer from Únětický pivovar here

V11 Wine Bar – Ondříčkova 11

Eat: before you arrive (we suggest grabbing an olive focaccia loaf from Le Caveau around the corner)

Drink: Stapleton 2016 pinot noir by the bottle–it’s that good


Tapas Bar Miró, Štefánikova 46

Eat: gambas al ajillo, 12 month aged manchego, chorizo a la sidra

Drink: cava, also known as the ‘champagne’ of Spain


Vino Bar Dvojka, Veletržní 40

Eat: plum chutney on bread

Drink: Terras d’el Rei Tinto, Carmim, Portugal


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Will you try some tapas from this list or organize your own Prague tapas crawl?  Tell us in the comments.  Join us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and share your tapas adventure with us