10 Hilarious Sushi Videos

From TV commercials to fishy pranks the Japanese delicacy takes a lead "roll" in these videos
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1. How to Make Flower Sushi Art

Are you looking for a really great gift for your girlfriend? Does she like flowers? Try a sushi flower! If you are crafy you can also try other artful sushi variations. Just follow the steps in the video.

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2. Licked Sushi Prank

I always wonder what the chef who prepares my food, looks like and how he makes it. Do you trust the chefs who prepare your sushi? The one in this video, should never make sushi again.

4. Fast Sushi-Eating Guy

Do people tell you that you are a fast eater? You probably don’t eat faster than this guy, who can swallow whole sushi rolls. Isn´t it a complete waste of sushi? 

5. Candy Sushi

Sushi doesn’t exactly taste, “sweet”; it’s much more of a sophisticated flavor than that. But that would be the right word to explain this kind of sushi. Watch to see the recipe.

6. Hot Pepper Extract Prank

Everyone loves fun, jokes, pranks and April 1st. Are you already thinking about how to trick your friends and family? Here is some great inspiration for your next April Fools gag.

7. Fast Food Sushi

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What do you think about fast-food sushi? Tasty or disgusting? Watch and get inspired for your next party. A great small bite for your guests.

8. Sushi Pizza

Can’t decide on sushi or pizza for dinner? Go ahead, eat both! 

9. The Fastest Sushi Chef in Japan!

Lunch break is short and service at restaurants is slow. We have to deal with things like that every day. Don’t wait an hour till they bring you your food! Visit the restaurant of this amazing chef. Your sushi rolls will be on the table in a minute.

10. Quick and Precise Cutting Skills…Blindfolded!

What is your dream job? Is it to be a doctor, a pilot or an astronaut? Would you like to become a sushi chef? The job is not as easy as you think. Watch what you need to learn.

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