This Handy Map Shows Where You Can Pick Free Fruit in Prague
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This Handy Map Shows Where You Can Pick Free Fruit in Prague

Did you know that there are thousands of places across Prague where you can pick edible fruit for free?

Well, the handy crowd-sourced map at Na Ovoce (On the Fruit) shows you exactly where you can find different fruit available on trees and shrubs for free throughout Prague and the Czech Republic.

The map includes about 3,000 places in Prague where you can pick apples, pears, cherries, and much more, and about 10,000 places throughout the Czech Republic.

The Malá Strana gardens at Vojanovy Sady, for instance, include a number of trees and shrubs that visitors are welcome to source fruit from, including apples, pears, cherries, loquats, and silverberries.

Up on top of Petřín Hill, you can find cherries and sour cherries, apples, pears and plums, and even an almond tree.

And over in Letná, you can find bear’s garlic, hawthorn, mulberries, plums (including the Mirabelle variety), edible chestnuts, and more growing in the wild.

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That’s just a small sample of available edible fruit available for picking across the city on Na Ovoce – – many of which, of course, are contained within Prague’s numerous parks and gardens.

The data for the map, including precise locations of where to find each variety, has been sourced by a team of fruit fans from across the Czech Republic since 2014, and even include locations throughout Europe and beyond.

The information (currently only offered in Czech, but with iconography that details the types of fruit at each location) also includes when you can expect to find ripe fruit ready for harvesting.

While fruit on public land is available to all, harvesters must adhere to a strict collector’s code: no property rights can be violated in the course of picking, and care should be taken to ensure that nature and wildlife is undisturbed.

The map is offered for free, but you can support the project by purchasing fruit growing kits through the Na Ovoce e-shop.

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The Na Ovoce map is available in both an online web version and as an Android/iPhone app.

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Prague-based author with two decades experience living in and writing about the Czech Republic for local and international sites and publications. Nakládaný hermelín enthusiast and frequent Club-Mate drinker.

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