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Trdelník vs. Cinnabon: soon you’ll be able to get both sweet cinnamon treats for delivery in Prague

Cinnabon will be opening at two Prague locations soon; things may get sticky as one Czech-owned company brings a little competition its way
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Good news for fans of coffee, cinnamon rolls, and home delivery. Two new ventures specializing in the comforting combination of pastry and káva on demand are heading to the Czech capital.

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American baked goods chain Cinnabon is coming to Prague, though no opening date has been announced yet, while Brno start-up sensation Trdlokafe, which serves up coffee brewed fresh from the trunk of a car as well as an array of sugar-and-cinnamon-dusted funnel cakes, is heading to the Czech capital as well.

You’ll soon be able to find the gooey Cinnabon cinnamon rolls in two new locations: inside Westfield Chodov Mall in Prague 4 and inside OC Galerie Harfa in Prague 9.

A spokeswoman for Westfield Chodov declined to comment on an opening date for the sweet spot, though a July 15 post on the company’s Facebook page put out a call for employees at its OC Harfa location.

A representative of Galerie Harfa said, “Cinnabon is not open yet, we hope that will be open as soon as possible.” They encouraged local fans to follow their Instagram account @galerieharfa for Cinnabon-related news and updates. While they have not yet released a specific date, the same spokesperson told us they would be opening at the end of August.

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~ Each Ingredient Tells a Story~ Makara Skořice: Pod baldachýnem tropických lesů v Indonésii, strom cassia produkuje sladkou, svůdnou chuť, která je známá pouze jako Cinnabon Makara Cinnamon. Vytváří jedinečný zážitek, který ucítíte a ochutnáte. Čerstvě upečené těsto: Po spoustě pokusů a hromádkách surovin jsme našli ideální recept na naše dokonalé těsto. Měkké, sladké a ideální pro pečení, stalo se základem pro všechny naše neodolatelné pečené pochoutky. Poleva: Často je napodobena, ale nikdy nebyla replikována. Hladká poleva Ooey-Gooey z polevy smetanového sýra Cinnabon dodává další hloubku chuti. Je natřený po všech rolích a je to závěrečná vrstva k dokonalosti. Káva: Začalo to naší kávou Mochalatta Chill zabalenou do přikrývek čokolády. Odtud jsme rozšířili o bohaté, sladké kávy z arabských bobů a ledové kávy, aby dokonale doplnily naše Cinnabon příchutě.

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Cinnabon Czech Republic plans to offer a number of staple menu items, including its classic rolls, center of the rolls, BonBites, and Caramel Pecan rolls. The bakery will also sell cold brew options, lemonades, Chillattas, and more.

The chain is partnering with Dáme jídlo and delivery will be available from September 1, 2020.

In addition, Cinnabon is selling merchandise for their fans and has opened an online store. It plans to offer catering to big groups and parties. Currently, you can also purchase vouchers.

The American chain first opened in 1985 in Seattle and has more than 1,200 stores selling their signature cinnamon rolls around the world in high-traffic locations like malls and airports.

This summer American ice-cream makers Breyers launched a Cinnabon-flavored frozen dairy dessert.

No word on if it’ll be available at either of the Prague kiosks but one of the serving suggestions offered by the company in its promotional materials is a cinnamon roll ice cream cone, reminiscent of the Czech — or more accurately Slovak — trdelník.

In fact, an ice-cream-filled version of the ubiquitous funnel cake, known as the trdelník ice cream chimney, became a viral sensation in early 2016 when Old Town bakery Good Food put it on the menu.

In 2014, a venture selling similar trdelník creations launched in Brno. Trdlokafe has seen significant growth over the past couple of years, according to Czech Forbes.

While it already boasts over thirty cafes selling coffee drinks and a wide variety of ice cream and funnel cakes throughout the Czech Republic, Austria, and Slovakia, the young entrepreneurs behind the business recently launched a unique delivery service allowing customers to order up a coffee break for home delivery — prepared by a barista from the back of a specially equipped car.

Delivery of warm trdelník from the nearest Trdlokafe is, of course, also an option.

Trdlokafe founders told the publication that the delivery service will launch in Prague this fall and that it will be using the Prague experience as a “beta version” for possible expansion into Western European capitals.

Which do you prefer, Cinnabon or trdelník?

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