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Two Prague restaurants retain their Michelin Stars

Field and La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise have retained their in the latest edition of the Michelin Guide
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Prague restaurants Field and La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise have retained their Michelin Stars in the 2018 edition of the ever-popular Michelin Guide, but the total number of Michelin-recommended restaurants in the Czech capital has dropped by two.

Located in Prague’s Old Town district, La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise has maintained its single Michelin Star for over a decade, while relative newcomer Field has been Michelin-Starred for three years running.

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While La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise features a set menu running from 3000+ per person, Field’s à la carte menu starts with dishes from 620 crowns, making it one of the world’s least-expensive Michelin-Starred restaurants.

The number of Prague restaurants with a Michelin Star remains at two, after Alcron was stripped of its star last year.

But with the closure of both Maso a Kobliha and Bistrøt 104, Prague has lost two of its “Bib Gourmand” restaurants, which denotes “exceptionally good food at moderate prices”.

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There was more shakeup among Prague restaurants with “The Plate” status, a new distinction introduced last year that denotes “restaurants where [Michelin] inspectors have discovered quality food.”

Old Town restaurant Le Terroir has been closed, while Atelier and Lokal Inn both lost their Michelin Plate status.

Three new restaurants replaced them, however, as Michelin branched further outside Prague’s city center: Salabka in Troja and Benjamin in Vršovice have become their respective district’s first Michelin-denoted restaurants, while Levitate in New Town has also achieved The Plate status.

Here’s the full list of Michelin-recognized restaurants in Prague:

Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Prague:

U Milosrdných 12, Prague 1
Price: From 1160 crowns

La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise
Haštalská 18, Prague 1
Price: From 3450 crowns

Michelin’s “Bib Gourmand” Restaurants in Prague:

Týnská 21, Prague 1
Price: From 885 crowns

Pernerova 49, Prague 8
Price: From 545 crowns

Na Kopci
K Závěrce 20, Prague 5
Price: From 695 crowns

Petrská 25, Prague 1
Price: From 510 crowns

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Michelin’s “The Plate” Restaurants in Prague:

Štepánská 40, Prague 1
Price: From 1400 crowns

Námĕstí Míru 6, Prague 2
Price: From 395 crowns

Smetanovo Nábreží 18, Prague 1
Price: From 890 crowns

Norská 14, Prague 10
Price: from 1200 crowns

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Café Imperial
Na Porící 15, Prague 1
Price: From 535 crowns

Café Savoy
Vitězná 5, Prague 5
Price: From 425 crowns

Casa de Carli
Vezenskská 5, Prague 1
Price: From 535 crowns

Veleslavínova 2A, Prague 1
Price: From 800 crowns

George Prime Steak
Platnéřská 19, Prague 1
Price: From 1415 crowns

Grand Cru
Lodecká 4, Prague 1
Price: From 700 crowns

Kalina Anežka
Anežská 12, Prague 1
Price: From 400 crowns

Kampa Park
Na Kampe 8b, Prague 1
Price: From 1315 crowns

La Finestra
Platnérská 13, Prague 1
Price: From 1165 crowns

La Veranda
Elišky Krásnohorské 2, Prague 1
Price: From 635 crowns

Štěpánská 14, Prague 1
Price: From 870 crowns

Na Perštýně 15, Prague 1
Price: From 500 crowns

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Havlíčkova 1, Prague 1
Price: From 460 crowns

Rybná 13, Prague 1
Price: From 495 crowns

K Bohnicím 2, Prague 7
Price: From 550 crowns

Bubenské nábr. 306, Prague 7
Price: From 615 crowns

Nebovidská 1, Prague 1
Price: From 795 crowns

Terasa U Zlaté Studně
U Zlaté Studně 4, Prague 1
Price: From 990 crowns

V Zátiši
Liliová 1, Prague 1
Price: From 590 crowns

U Kanálky 14, Prague 2
Price: From 520 crowns

Zdenek’s Oyster Bar
Malá Štupartská 5, Prague 1
Price: From 1345 crowns

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