Uber Food Delivery Service Expected to Launch In Prague this Year

Uber Food Delivery Service Expected to Launch In Prague this Year

Ride-sharing app Uber currently has plans to expand into the Prague market with the delivery of food, reports Czech daily Euro.cz

According to the publication, the company is expected to launch Uber Eats by late spring or early summer.

Uber currently distributes food in thirty countries and 223 cities around the world; seventy-two of those locations are in Europe, and in Central and Eastern Europe includes Vienna, Warsaw, and Moscow.

In its city selection function, the app does allow users to chose a Prague district, noting that while food delivery isn’t currently available for the Czech capital, the site is expanding.

Image via Ubereats.com

The concept works similarly to the largest Czech delivery service DámeJídlo.cz, with the only difference being that food is delivered by Uber drivers.

Ordering food via Uber Eats works similarly to the company’s alternative taxi service – customers make their selections via mobile app and pay through an Uber account.

Delivery time ranges up to 30 minutes, prices vary by restaurant; Uber charges a delivery fee of 2.90 EUR in Vienna, for instance, in the US around 5 USD. The company has been criticized for its steep rates.

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Uber has faced a number of legal battles in the Czech Republic with taxi drivers planning another big protest against lift-sharing services like Uber and Taxify for February 8.

Uber Eats allows its drivers to operate not just in cars but also on motorcycles and bikes.


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