UK Burger King Offers Fried Cheese Prague Whopper

The Prague Crunchy Cheese Whopper comes with bacon, onions, lettuce… and a block of fried cheese on top of a flame-grilled beef patty

Here in Prague, you might catch seasonal promotions styled after various cities around the world at fast food chains like Burger King, McDonalds, or KFC.

At local Burger King locations right now, for example, you can sample a Chicago Supreme (175g of Angus beef) or a New York Chicken Tendercrisp during an American Street Food promo.

But what about fast food locations abroad? Did you ever wonder what a Prague-themed burger might look (or taste) like?

Well, wonder no more.

At Burger King restaurants throughout the UK and Ireland at the moment, a special Eurotrip 2016 promotion features an Amsterdam Angus Supreme, a Rome Tendercrisp, and… a Prague Crunchy Cheese Whopper.

Because what better Prague-themed addition to a hamburger than a deep-fried block of Smažený sýr?

The Prague Crunchy Cheese Whopper comes with a fried cheese patty, bacon, onions, lettuce, and BBQ sauce on top the flame-grilled beef, sandwiched within the company’s signature sesame seed bun.

The 919-calorie beast has been available throughout participating locations throughout the autumn season, at a price tag of £4.99 for the individual burger.

The Prague Whopper seems to have been a success – so much so that UK Burger Kings have added two more smažak-infused burgers as part of a new Cheddar Collection promotion. 

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Their Cheddar Whopper adds a slab of fried cheese to the traditional beef patty (with cheddar cheese sauce, to boot), while the Cheddar Tendercrisp stuffs both a fried chicken breast and a block of fried cheese in-between the buns. 

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