Mass graves of plague and famine victims found at Kutná Hora’s ‘Bone Church’
Tarps cover the excavation work at the Bone Church. via Raymond Johnston

Mass graves of plague and famine victims found at Kutná Hora’s ‘Bone Church’

Several mass graves have been found near the Bone Church in Kutná Hora, some 85 kilometers east of Prague. This, in addition to the ossuary and previously known graves, makes the location the largest burial ground not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe. The graves, from victims of plagues and famines, were found during the ongoing renovation of the grounds of the Cemetery Church of All Saints, part of Kutná Hora’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. The church is technically in Sedlec, a suburb adjacent to Kutná Hora. There were 34 newly discovered mass graves containing the bones of approximately 1,300 people who died in a famine in 1318 and a plague in 1348. “It's unique in Europe. Previously, the largest number of plague victims was in London, with around 700 victims, so we have a little more,” archaeologist Jan Frolík told news server Schwarzenberg shield in the ossuary at the Cemetery Church of All Saints. via Raymond Johnston. The extensive renovations are intended to correct structural problems in the Church of All Saints, which has been leaning due to the unstable soil. There has been deterioration of support pillars and cracks in walls. The large pyramids…

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