20 Czech expressions for when you’re freezing your butt off

Bundle up! With more snow and zero temps in the forecast for this week, now is the time to practice these chilly Czech phrases

With temps set to plummet in Prague and beyond this week, there’s no better time to practice your Czech expressions for extremely cold weather:

Outside It’s Cold Like (Venku je zima jako)…

  • …jako na Sibiři / like in Siberia
  • …jako v psinci / like in a kennel
  • …jako na vidrholci / like in Wuthering Heights
  • …jako v kostele za oltářem / like in a church behind the altar
  • …jako v lednici / like in a refrigerator
  • …jak v márnici / like in a morgue
  • …jak v prdeli ledního medvěda / like in a polar bear’s ass.

Poetry on Ice

  • Mrzlo, až hřebíky na střechách praskaly. / So cold that even the nails on the roofs cracked.
  • Mrzlo, až hvězdičky skákaly. / So cold that even the stars jumped around.
  • Zima, až šindele praskají. / So cold that even the roof (shingles) cracked.
  • Mrzlo, jen to řinčelo. / It was so freezing that it rang.
  • Zima jak v ruský pohádce. / Cold like in a Russian fairytale.
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Comically Chilly

  • Je taková zima, že i ledové kafe se přišlo ohřát. / It’s so cold that even iced coffee has come to warm up.
  • Zima jak v řeznickém sklepě. / It’s as cold as in a butcher’s cellar.
  • To je počasí, že by člověk ven ani komunistu nevyhnal. / The weather is such that you couldn’t even get a communist out.
  • To je kosa! / It’s a scythe!
  • Je tu zima, že by omrzly nohy i jeptišce. / It’s so cold even nun’s feet would get frostbite.
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Brrr Dogs, Brrr!

  • Zima že by se i pes utrhl. / A winter so harsh even a dog would break loose.
  • Je zima, že by ani psa ven nevyhnal.  / It’s so cold you couldn’t even get a dog out.
  • Studenej jak psí čumák. / It’s cold as a dog’s snout.

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