Interactive Czech Language Series: Beer Lover

Drink deep from the Czech spring with My Language Adventure! Learn and experience Czech!

Hey man, I’ve just learnt how to order another beer!
Ještě jedno pivo. – One more beer.
Tak si dejte, pánové. – Here you are, gentlemen. (Enjoy it, gentlemen.)
Na zdraví. – Cheers.
How do you say it again?
Ještě jedno… – One more…
Do you know how to say “slow down”?
Ne, ne, ne, zaplatíme! – No, no, no, we’ll pay!

The Czech republic is a country where beer is sometimes cheaper than water… and it’s also a country where people drink a lot of beer! Each Czech drinks on average about 140 liters of beer a year!

The phrase “Dám si jedno pivo” sometimes isn’t enough; the waiter may also need to know the type of beer you’d like to have, as there are plenty of types and brands available. In some pubs, the waiter even doesn’t wait for your next order: he simply brings you another beer. That’s the same situation shown in the video.

Czech beer is not only pale or dark and tap or lager, you can choose from a wide range of types: “desítka”, “jedenáctka”, “dvanáctka”, “kvasnicové”. For special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, or even St. Patrick’s Day, many breweries prepare special beers. You can taste green, blueberry, or plum beer, for example.

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, Interactive Czech Language Series: Beer Lover, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic

More useful phrases:
Mám hlad. – I am hungry.
Mám žízeň. – I am thirsty.
Co si dáte? Co to bude? – What can I get you?
Dáte si něco k pití? – Would you like anything to drink?
Dáte si něco k jídlu? – Would you like anything to eat?
Dám si pivo, víno, vodu, kávu, čaj…. – I’ll have a beer, wine, water, coffee, tea…
Ještě jedno pivo! – One more beer!
Na zdraví! – Cheers!
Zaplatíme. – We’ll pay.
Můžeme zaplatit? – Could we pay?
Dohromady nebo zvlášť? – Altogether or separately?
To je v pořádku. To je dobré. – That’s OK (when giving a tip).

In the Beer lover module of Czech for foreigners in My Language Adventure, students learn what to say in a restaurant, learn about giving a tip, and thanks to a short movie, they also Pilsen, which is well-known for beer production.

Regarding grammar, they learn how to conjugate verbs and how to use accusative, a very common case in Czech. They practice all the vocab and phrases with miniapplications such as Flashcards, Dictates, Audio Book and Superlearning on iPad. After the module, they take part in a group workshop.

Three sentences from Beer Lover module:
Miluju pivo a miluju odpočinek. – I love beer and I love relaxation.
Všude krásně voní pivo. – The lovely smell of beer is everywhere.
Tak si na to připijeme! – So let’s drink a toast!

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To find out more about My Language Adventure click here.

Note: Video produced by Prague Camera.

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