Simulated English-Village Language School Opens in Prague

A new school is giving English-language instruction in a renovated farmhouse complex meant to replicate a UK village

Opportunities for language acquistion have grown in leaps and bounds in the 21st century, with on-line sessions and mobile apps making it easier than ever for Czechs and other non-native English speakers to hone their grammar skills.

But for many, the real challenge comes when confronted with actually speaking the language. 

“In the Czech and Slovak Republics people do well in grammar and have a decent vocabulary, but are afraid to actively participate in the conversation,”  Jan Kadel the founder of a new language-learning project in Prague 5 recently told iHned.

Angloville offers intensive English-language courses, taught by native speakers from around the world, in a setting that can best be described as a simulated English village.

The sessions begin with an informal breakfast and end with dinner; one-on-one instruction is given throughout the day.

Students can opt to stay for a week or weekend on the grounds (a rustic complex of farmhouses in Hlubočepy that have been repurposed into luxury hotels) and are prohibited from speaking Czech on the premises.

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The project is modelled after similarly successful programs in Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Classes begin at 16,000 CZK and include room and board.

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