7 Summer Rafting Adventures

Where to roll down the river this summer – plus perfect pit stops for beer!


7 Summer Rafting Adventures

The area surrounding the 13th-century castle Křivoklát is located close to the Berounka River and boasts a number of places for organizing a rafting excursion. From Kemp Visnova opt to be driven up river and raft back to the camp or start at the camp and arrange a pick up. The camp is a nice overnight option with bathrooms, showers, bonfire pits, and a restaurant.

Getting there: Hlavní Nádraží-Beroun-Roztoky u Krivoklatu (Camp is 5km from station.)
Rental fees: 200 CZK/day for a canoe and an inflatable boat.
Tip: U Jelena, a rustic pension and restaurant just below the Křivoklát Castle that specializes in game dishes.


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Český Krumlov

7 Summer Rafting Adventures

Located around 175 km south of Prague, many say the city looks like a miniature version of the capital. There are several places to rent boats including Rafting Krumlov. A great starting point, and a good place to stay overnight, but exercise caution while rafting through the city center because there are dangerous waterfalls. Follow the signs! 

Getting there: Student Agency bus from Florenc (3 hrs)
Rental fees: Approx 450-960 CZK/day (depending on number of people).
Tips: The night-rafting option offers a stunning view of the city’s famed landmarks; check out the newly-opened Depo C.Krumlov for dinner or a beer.


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Český Šternberk

7 Summer Rafting Adventures

Šternberk is famed for its mid-13th century Bohemian castle. It is a great spot to start a rafting trip along the scenic Sázava River. Samba rentals offers nine stops along the river including Šternberk. In the glorious Sázava valley raft to or from: Týnec nad Sázavou, Ledeč nad Sázavou, Horka nad Sázavou, Kácov, Ledečko, Sázava, Chocerady, Pikovice. Samba lists a variety of accommodation that vary in price, size, and quality.

Getting there: Hlavní Nádraží-Čerčany-Český Šternberk (2 hrs)
Rental fees: 370 CZK/day (2 people); 470 CZK (4 people).
Tip: Pub crawl along the cluster of pubs in the village of Pikovice.


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7 Summer Rafting Adventures

This charming little town is located 60 km south of Pilsen. It offers an amazing rafting route on the Otava River. (See the Samba Rentals site for a list of “water camps” if you want to do an overnight.) The best spots to stop for beer, hiking, and site-seeing on the way down the Otava are: Horažďovice, Katovice, Písek, Vrcovice.

Getting there: Hlavní Nádraží-Horazdovice predm-Sušice (3.5 hrs)
Prices: 370 CZK/day (2 people); 470 CZK (4 people).
Tip: From Sušice drift downriver for a breathtaking view of Rábí Castle.


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Veselí n. Lužnicí

7 Summer Rafting Adventures

Another South Bohemian town with a population of less than 7,000, it’s actually an ‘island’ surrounded by rivers, north of the Trebon basin, that is famous for its ponds and forests. The main river for rafting is Lužnice. It’s a great area to explore before or during a rafting trip. There are numerous places to camp overnight, many of them offering boat rentals. Best stops and starts: Majdalena, Suchdol n. Lužnicí, Dráchov, Bechyně.

Getting there: Direct from Hlavní Nádraží-Veselí n. Lužnicí (2 hrs)
Rental fees: See above.
Tip: The man made lakes to the south of the town are a highlight of the area.


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7 Summer Rafting Adventures

Olomouc is quite far from Prague – South East near the border of Slovakia. It is a Moravian city, meaning great wine, and it offers amazing routes on the Morava River. The best spots to stop and rent boats are: Hanušovice, Ruda nad Moravou, Postřelmov, Vila Háj, Mohelnice, Nové Mlýny, Litovel, Hynkov, Horka nad Moravou.

Getting there: Hlavní Nádraží-Olomouc (2.5-3 hrs)
Price: 350 CZK/day (2 people); 420 CZK/daily (up to 4).
Tip: Plan a visit to the Holba or Litovel breweries along the way.


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Ústí nad Labem

7 Summer Rafting Adventures

Ústí nad Labem is located North West of Prague. It lies on the Elbe River; the name of the city literally means ‘river-mouth’. It’s a great starting point for a rafting trip and there are several places to rent boats. It was once a trading center as early as 993 so the river has some amazing history. Cycle Camp Lodenice is a great place to start and has an English-friendly website; Brohacek is another rental company in the area

Getting there: Hlavní Nádraží-Ústí nad Labem (1 hr, 10 min).
Price: During the main season 1.6–15.9 the price for a is 300 CZK/day (2 people); 550 CZK/2 days.
Tip: Czech Switzerland and Strěkov Castle are top attractions.


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