Airbnb Launches Its New Tour Guide Service In Prague

A new app from the popular homestay network now lets users host trips and experiences in the Czech capital

Last February, Airbnb announced that, in a bid to capture a larger share of the individual travel business, it would launch a new platform allowing locals to act as tour guides to incoming visitors. 

The service was rolled out in an initial twelve destinations with Prague – one of the fourth most desirable cities for Airbnb in Europe – included in a second wave of thirty locations announced by the company yesterday.

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Twenty experiences are on now available for Prague: handcraft an eco-friendly notebook, tour Žižkov with the homeless community, learn to scratch vinyl at VNITROBLOCK, explore Sapa market, or create a signature fragrance.

Prices begin at 250 CZK and range to upwards of 2,000 CZK for anywhere from 3-5 hours of offbeat fun in the Czech capital.

Guidelines, standards, and applications for hosting an experience in Prague are now available on Airbnb; the application process for becoming an Airbnb tour operator in Prague, however, may a bit more rigorous than that of becoming a host.

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Central European Airbnb Manager Andrew Verbitsky told Seznam News that the company evaluates and approves experiences in terms of safety and local interest (mainstream tourism is typically rejected); Airbnb takes a 20-percent cut of the payment.

In addition, Airbnb says that organizers of Prague trips must meet all of the local legal obligations and have all of the necessary trade certificates and permits required to be guides.

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There are over Airbnb 8,000 rental units currently available in the Czech Republic in Prague, Brno, Karlovy Vary, and Liberec.

Prague was recently named among the most popular Airbnb destinations for summer 2017 travel.

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