Annual Ugly Buildings Poll Names 2016 Winners

Locals voted for Prague’s worst eyesores, but also recognized its architectural gems

An annual poll conducted by the environmental NGO Arnika recognizes the best and worst contemporary buildings and construction projects in Prague.

This year’s results are in with locals giving the dreaded “Towering Glass Inferno” title to the Crystal building on Vinohradská třída.

Two thousand Prague residents voted in the poll which named the neighboring Hotel Don Giovanni as the city’s second ugliest modern structure and conferred third-place eyesore status on OC Quadrio at Národní třída.

The fourth and fifth place spots went to the Billa on Letenské náměstí and Charles Square Centrum at Karlovo náměstí, respectively.

Urban planning expert and Arnika spokesperson Michal Křivohlávek said of the results:

“Generally speaking, people do not welcome construction [that] does not feel [beneficial]. Among these are, for example, large office buildings, which are used almost exclusively by their employees…On the other hand, people logically appreciate public works.”

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To that end, several “Prague Gems” were awarded to buildings that have elegantly merged with their surroundings. Those include the National Technical Library (#1), Dancing House (#2), and Troja Bridge (#3).

Interestingly, the Frank Gehry-designed Dancing House landed in both categories.

Organizers say that the aim of the poll is to show that public opinion matters and should be taken into account as city planners decide the future shape of Prague.

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