Czech Castles See Record Year for Visits in 2016

As castle season draws to a close, the National Heritage Institute is reporting an unprecedented number of visitors this year

A large increase in the number of visitors to state-owned Czech castles and chateaus over the past year suggests that more and more Czechs are opting for domestic holidays as opposed to traveling abroad.

As reported by the Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents, the increased numbers can be attributed to warmer weather at home and fewer trips by Czechs to places like Tunisia and Turkey where security is an on-going concern.

The National Heritage Institute reported 5.4 million castle visits in 2016. The Central Bohemian region alone saw 767,000 visitors this year, an increase of some 120,000 people compared to 2015. 

Karlštejn Castle was visited by 265,000 people making it among the most-visited and most lucrative monuments in the Czech Republic (overflow from its coffers go to the repair of smaller monuments in the region). 

The biggest annual increase in the number of visitors was registered by Valtice in south Moravia, which had 125,000 visitors compared to 48,000 during castle season the previous year.

Cesky Krumlov in south Bohemia, and Lednice in south Moravia, were visited by more than 400,000 people, compared to 395,416 and 385,303 people, respectively, in 2015.

Hluboka chateau and Kromeriz were among other popular sites.

While the Czech castle season typically lastas from April to October, a number of castles will open for special events through the holiday season.

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