Czech Christmas Angels Captivate the World

The daring descent of a trio of north Bohemian women dressed as angels grabbed international headlines this weekend

One of the top news stories coming out of the Czech Republic through the weekend was a tale of three “angels” spotted in the northern Bohemian village of Úštěk.

For those who reside in and around this town of 2,719 northeast of Litoměřice, the angel spotting was nothing new. In fact, it’s an annual event that takes place each year on the last advent weekend at the Úštěk Christmas market.

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This Saturday was no exception, much to the delight of the hundreds of spectators who gathered in the main square to view this increasingly popular holiday spectacle which sees three young women dressed in angel costumes descend from a Baroque church via safety harness.

The trio of andělé are lowered into the crowd from the tower of the Church of St. Peter and Paul, a drop of about 30 meters, accompanied by festive music.

According to the official website for the town, December 17 was the sixteenth annual Gathering of Angels; a spectator captured this video but you can see additional coverage and breathtaking photos here.

Úštěk is known for the Gothic gables in its well-preserved medieval center; it also boasts a colorful masopust celebration.

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