Prague Dancing House to Light Up on St. Patrick’s Day

Prague Dancing House to Light Up on St. Patrick’s Day

This Friday is St. Patrick’s Day and the Czech capital will celebrate by lighting up Frank Gehry’s Dancing House, Irish Deputy Ambassador Assumpta Griffin has told

The light show will take place during the March 17 “greening” of Náplavka, when a number of venues along the Rašínovo embankement will host Paddy-themed events as part of a citywide festivity devoted to the internationally observed holiday. 

Known as the St. Patrick’s Day Tour, the happening goes beyond your usual evening with a green pint at the pub to offer some serious craicing at a number of Prague venues and monuments.

In addition to Irish music and hot tubbing on a docked boat on the Vltava, partiers can head to Kino 64 U Hradeb, the newly refurbished post-war cinema and culture space, for Irish documentaries, film clips, and a beer tasting.

Re-purposed slaughterhouse Jatka 78 will present an evening with Irish dance group Rinceoirí, Travis O’Neill and His Cardinal Sins, and Tonya Graves (as well as hair and beard trimming—apparently an essential part of any Prague celebration these days—and face and body painting).

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The event is slated to end with a party at the Kotva garage, an unusual Prague venue which hosted the Prague Fashion Week runway last year, and will have DJs, cocktails, live music, and grill fare until 3am.

The tour is sponsored by the Czech Drink Wisely Forum, an initiative devoted to the responsible consumption of alcohol.

For more information and a full schedule of events & map see is a comprehensive and popular portal for the English-speaking community, offering a wide range of information geared toward foreigners living and working in Prague and the Czech Republic.

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