Follow That Shopping Bag! How a Simple Tote Has Inspired Legions of Travelers

Follow That Shopping Bag! How a Simple Tote Has Inspired Legions of Travelers

If you shop at Czech Kaufland—or scan highway billboards—you’ve likely seen that pleasantly ubiquitous image bearing the text “Z lásky k Česku” (For the love of the Czech Republic) and a heart in the colors of the Czech flag.

What you might not know is that the horseshoe-shaped panorama depicted on the colorful grocery carrier has become a destination for travelers—both from the Czech Republic and abroad—who say the advertising campaign has inspired them to make a visit.

One of them, Mario Rodriguez, writes in a blog post, that he was moved to seek out the destination after being “stuck in the queue [at Kaufland] looking at that amazing landscape that appears to be everywhere.”  One British couple was purportedly so struck by the image that they boarded a flight to track it down.

A Tale of Two Meanders

So where exactly is this view that has everyone clambering for a selfie?

The original photo used in the Kaufland ad is taken from the Solenice meander (Solenický meandr) located 1.5 km from the mid-Bohemian village of Zduchovice; it’s a little over an hour’s drive from Prague and open year-round (travel info here).

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Closer to Prague

Equally photogenic though a bit closer to Prague is the Máj Prospect (Vyhlídka Máj) located near the village of Teletín Krňany, less than an hour outside of the Czech capital, a meander of the Vltava River that flows through a rocky canyon opening up into a similarly phenomenal view.

And it’s worth a visit year-round, as well. In the summer you’ll find resplendent greenery and a river dotted with boats, while winters see rocks walls jutting from the snow. Autumn is a blaze of brown and red.

How to Get There

To get to the Vyhlídka Máj viewpoint, take the 390 from Smíchovské nádraží to Štěchovice, a Prague suburb on the Vltava, then transfer to the 438 bus stopping at Teletín-Krňany. It takes around 20 minutes to get from Štěchovice to Teletín by bus. From the village to the path it’s about a 1-km walk.

The area is accessible via the yellow tourist trail from the village of Teletín or you can hop a train from Prague Hlavní Nádraží to Jílové u Prahy and hike the 10 km (7 miles) to the overlook.

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If you want to enjoy photo-worthy views with plenty of natural light arrive in the morning; beware of loose rocks and make sure to send us your photos of both of these dazzling, dizzying, views!

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