Medieval “Comics” Discovered in Czech Castle

The surprise discovery of a series of large-scale frescoes in a South Moravian castle has been likened to a medieval comic book

Kunštát Castle, located in the city of Blanska in the Hornosvratec Highlands of South Moravia, encompasses a palace and a Gothic fortress which first appeared in the history books as early as 1380, becoming the property of King George of Poděbrady in 1448.

This week, the historically undervisited castle got a significant PR boost when it was announced that a large-scale series of frescoes, dating to first half of the 14th century were discovered by conservationists.

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The unique, knight-themed figurative paintings, uncovered in one of the oldest parts of the complex, covers four walls. 

“The scale of the painting was a big surprise…it has more than a hundred pieces,” Radim Štěpán Kunštát castellan said in an interview, likening the epic cycle to a “medieval comic book.”

The artist is unknown at this point; experts are guessing the panels were intended to depict monarchs on the throne, knights with swords, or scenes from battle. 

According to historians, the painting was likely part of a representative hall of the former Gothic palace. 

The room with the painting will be a highlight of a new sightseeing tour of the castle, which will open in June. A maximum of 10 visitors will be allowed access to the space in an effort to protect the treasure from wear and tear.

Follow the Zámek Kunštát page for more updates.

See photos of the discovery here.

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