Prague named one of world’s top 50 places to visit in 2019
Winter in Prague's Old Town

Prague named one of world’s top 50 places to visit in 2019

Any time is a good time to visit Prague, but 2019 might be an extra-special time to see the Czech capital, according to one US publication - - and get a taste of its burgeoning culinary scene. Already one of Europe’s most-visited destinations, Prague is expecting to see a further increase in tourist traffic over 2019, boosted in part due to Czech Tourism’s current advertising campaign in New York City. New York-based publication Travel + Leisure, one of the world’s biggest travel magazines, agrees that this year is prime time to see Prague. They’ve included the Czech capital in their annual list of the world's 50 best places to go in 2019. The unnumbered list features a range of choice destinations across the globe from Singapore to Rwanda to Guatemala, but the Czech Republic and some of its European neighbors make for some familiar choices. Writing for Travel + Leisure, Raphael Kadushin highlights Prague’s burgeoning culinary scene as the prime reason to take in the Czech capital this year. “Not long ago, goulash and strudel dominated nearly every menu in Prague,” the publication states. “But lately, a dynamic dining landscape has taken shape, with spots like the 17-seat chef’s-table restaurant…

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